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3 Work Experience Ideas for Sports-Loving Students

If you love staying active and helping people feel their best, you might be considering a career in sport or fitness. Finding work experience in these areas can be a great way to gain valuable skills and insights, as well as solidify career pathways. Here are three work experience ideas for sports-loving students that can help you explore your passion and build your resume at the same time.


Volunteer or work at the local gym


Chances are there’s a gym or fitness centre nearby – pop in and ask if they need any volunteer help, or even if there are any casual jobs available. This type of experience can provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at how a gym is run and managed, as well as how fitness programs are developed. You might be tasked with helping clients sign up, setting up and cleaning equipment, and helping with fitness classes.


Help out at local sporting events


There are lots of ways you might be able to get involved at local sporting events. You might like to coach or referee junior sports, help with set up and pack down on game day, coordinate ticket sales, or even provide a helping hand in the canteen serving food and drinks. Lots of local sporting clubs and teams rely on the help of volunteers to keep them running, so this is a great opportunity to get involved in the sporting community and build your experience.


Flex your sports journalism skills


Maybe you don’t want to play sport, but love talking and reading about it. Why not consider a career in sports journalism or communication? Ask your local sporting club if they need help running their social media page or writing up features for the local paper. Get involved with your school and help cover events like sports day and cross country by taking photographs and videos, or writing up reviews and interviews for the school newsletter.


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