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Your pipeline should be informed, engaged, and ready

Research has shown what we already knew: that around half of all teenagers aspire to the same 10 jobs.*  

That’s because they don’t know about the wide variety of careers available in different industries, including yours. We know this can be done better – by showcasing the pathway available in your field, so they can picture themselves working in it. 

It’s not just about finding your next crop of employees, it’s about building a pipeline of young people who know want to play their part, and know where to start. 

* 53%of girls, 47% of boys – OECD Dream Jobs Report 2018.

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These organisations are already creating a bright future for young people.

Here's why we care about this:

As a leader in Career Education since 2006, schools all over the world look to Study Work Grow for resources and inspiration.

That’s because we’re a student-focused social enterprise helping young people ‘connect the dots’. And our global impact is significant – we support:

+ 825,000 Students

Lots of reach for your industry's opportunities

+ 1,100 Schools

In 27 countries, giving us a reach like no other

+ 1,900 Careers Advisors

These are the people that students look to for advice

"I keep finding new things all the time that I can use which is awesome! (It's like a [good] Pandora's box!)"

We speak their language

Young people today are smart and savvy, so we need to give them the right information to make good career decisions.

But it’s not just about a list of jobs – it’s about sharing exciting possibilities in a way that they can connect with. If you’ve got the career paths, we’ve got the students who want to learn more.

Here's how you can work with us

A Pipeline Partnership puts your careers info in front of hundreds of thousands of students while also supporting our mission to make career education accessible and affordable for schools.

Step One - let’s uncover your biggest impact areas

Industry growth?

Has your industry grown significantly (or is about to) and you need more new people to help fulfil this demand?

Employee attraction?

Do you have a wonderful industry to work in but you sometimes lose good people to others that claim to pay more?

Industry awareness?

Do young people simply not realise the fantastic opportunities you have because they haven't heard of you?

We’ll talk with you about your talent challenges and which particular roles are difficult to hire for. We’ll also get to know about your industry’s growth opportunities and the variety of pathways available in it. All you need to do is tell us what’s great about it.

Step Two - then co-design a Pathways Guide

Starting with your info, we’ll research your industry to find all the good things to share and then produce a beautiful, professional Pathways Guide. This becomes the mainstay of your project, and is something you’ll be welcome to use and share in your own circles of influence too.

Along with five (5) Job Spotlights

Not just any 5 jobs though – we recommend covering a wide range of possible roles, with a focus on those that you have trouble recruiting talent for and the jobs of the future that need a pipeline.

These digital & print brochures are loved by students, parents, and educators because they’re interesting, engaging, and easy to read. Plus, they can literally change the direction of a student’s life when they discover ‘(your job spotlight)’ is a job they could do.

We'll share it widely with our massive schools network

This is where industry outreach normally falls down (as it’s hard to get lasting impact with a handful of schools or a broad marketing campaign to students).

With over 1,900 school careers advisors who receive our emails, your Pathways Guide & Job Spotlights can be distributed directly to students by the second most career-influential person in their lives. And their parents often get these too (they’re number 1).

And report back to you on metrics and feedback

You’ll need to tell your team about how the project has gone, so we’ll provide both email open-rates and download metrics, as well as the good stuff (like testimonials) that you can add to your Annual Report.

Whether it’s direct pipeline building, altrusim, or a bit of both, we’ll show that you’ve invested well.

Want more impact? This is just the start

With such a large reach and a membership base of schools who love us, there’s almost unlimited scope for us to work together on educational program and resources. As long as it’s student-friendly, we’ll consider it. 

Here are some ideas of what’s possible:

Map your jobs to Clusters

Creating a Career Cluster 'Map' for your industry makes it easy for students to see jobs

Cluster Quiz

We can create a Student Quiz that's tailored to your industry to help with recognition


We can run a webinar (or series of them) so you can share your story

Professional Development

Educators love to learn - so we can help you design professional development for them

Illustrated Industry Maps

Map out your opportunities for students to easily see what goes where

Share your opportunities

Become part of our industry database and share your info with schools

Here's one of our recent projects for She Maps

Co-CEO Paul Mead talks about his work with us and the impact it had:

Are you the right fit for us?

By now, you can probably tell that we’re a friendly, professional company to work with. And we hope you’re the same. If your industry or organisation endorses good values, has positive work prospects, and is young-person friendly, we’d love to work with you. 

We are looking for large employers, industry bodies, and training organisations, but you might also be from an industry philanthropic groups, Not For Profits (NFP), or foundation too. Either way, let’s chat about the possibilities. 

Here’s what Jake from the Beacon Foundation said about our work with them recently:

Talk with us about the possibilities for building a pipeline today

Let us help you spread the word about your industry in a way that works. Simply enter your details below and we’ll contact you soon.

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