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What impact is Taylor Swift having on the choices young people make about their careers? In this edition of Pondering Careers, Lucy talks about role models and their influence on young people.
In this edition of Pondering Careers, we look at the impacts (positive and negative) of combining study with part time work for secondary students.
If you teach career education at school, then the Study Work Grow Career Clusters can make student conversations easier than ever before.
We’ve put together this simple guide to creating a high school careers newsletter, helping you to save time and benefit your students.
If you’re a school leader, there could be extra benefits for you when you apply to university. Read our blog to find out more.
Welcome to another edition of Pondering Careers, where we come together to talk about all things related to our pathways through life.
Oresome Resources provides free STEM educational resources to assist the teaching and learning of minerals and energy.
eSafety’s expert trainers deliver live online safety lessons to schools via Virtual Classroom webinars.
Student Snapshot is a free and easy-to-use online survey platform designed to help schools support students transitioning to high school.
Be That Teacher is an initiative which aims to showcase the value of teachers and encourages others to consider a career in teaching.



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