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Helping to connect your students with careers they love

Quite simply, that’s the only reason we’re here

Let’s work together on your students' next steps

What does an ideal world look like to us?

It’s one where all of your students feel positive about their upcoming transition from secondary school.

Where career management skills are prioritised in the same way that Mathematics, Science, History, or Language competency is.

And your school’s most important measure of success is having ensured that every student feels ready and prepared to leave.

If that’s how you feel too, then we’re glad you’ve found us.

A Social Enterprise with education in mind

“Thank you so much, I am currently looking at all of the online resources and keep thinking – Where has this program been all my life?? This is fantastic!!!” Lilian Joseph, Deputy Principal

We’re doing things differently:

  • We’re school-funded – so we only answer to our schools, making you our greatest champion and biggest supporter
  • We reinvest most of our profits back into product development (which is why you can enjoy an incredible range of quality materials to use)

But most importantly, everything we do is designed or reviewed by a qualified Senior Career Practitioner to ensure it’s both engaging and appropriate in school settings. Because you and your students are what matters most.

Student Focused & Family Friendly

Since we started back in 2006 we’ve always had the philosophy of –

  • Putting students and their wellbeing first
  • Collecting and safely storing only the bare minimum of information required to run our service (and never sharing it with anyone)
  • Focussing on the JEDI values of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, so that every resource is balanced, approachable, and usable by as many students as possible

It means that you can confidently implement Study Work Grow at your school and know you’re doing a good thing for your students and the people who care for them.

Meet the team behind it all

“Oh you must have like 20 staff or something don’t you?”

No (not yet). All of these materials and resources are created by our small team at Study Work Grow of just 4 staff.

Lucy Sattler | CEO & Career Practitioner

The driving force behind Study Work Grow, Lucy is the creator of the Career Development Framework (CDF) and Career Clusters.

Rob Sattler | Chief Engagement Officer

Rob is the one who gets our message out about how we help schools, and he's a pretty friendly guy.

Liz Duffy | Head of Schools

If you're a school member of ours (or would like to be), Liz will be the one to help you out. With boundless energy and fantastic support, Liz is the one making things happen behind the scenes.

Sofie Haydon | Head of Research

Sofie's incredible work is the magic behind our famous weekly school newsletters, many of our blog posts/articles, and a lot of our new content. She's an absolute superstar.

Like to talk with us?

We love to hear from educators and those who support the education ecosystem – please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form below. And yes, we’ll contact you ASAP.

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