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How edit a custom page on your Pathways Hub

Here’s how to edit a custom page that you’ve set up on your Pathways Hub.

Helping your students access the SWG Resources

Get the most out of your SWG Membership by sharing the resources with your students and school community.

How can students use the Pathways Hubs?

Learn how a Pathways Hub (included in every SWG Membership) could improve the flow of information to your students and school community.

Manage your Pathways Hub

Learn how to quickly and easy manage your customised Pathways Hub.

Events, Scholarships, and Competitions

Looking for information about events, scholarships or competitions? Let us show you how to access it.

What’s the best way to search the resources section on my Dashboard?

Tips on how to find all the resources you’re looking for from your SWG Membership.

Can I upload the Ponder videos to Canvas?

Learn how to share a Ponder Unit video to your school’s learning management system.

PDF Invitations to your Pathways Hub

Find out how to download your PDF invitation to share with your school community and let them know about your Pathways Hub.

Letting students or parents know about your Pathways Hub

Our SWG Memberships mean the resources are designed to be shared with your school community. Get some ideas on how to share them in this post.

How do I set up a customised Pathways Hub?

Custom Pathways Hubs are a feature that’s included with all of our Lite, Essentials and Plus Memberships. Find out how to set yours up, it’s easy!

Who has access to your SWG School Membership?

Not sure who has log in access to your Pathways Hub and SWG Membership resources? That’s OK, we can help.

Adding and removing team members

Need to add or remove colleagues at your school to your SWG Membership? It takes 2 minutes tops, find out how here.

How do I log in to the Study Work Grow Website

Not sure how to log in to the new SWG website with your membership details? Read this article and follow the simple steps.

What is a Lite Membership?

Learn what’s included in a Lite Membership with SWG and make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership.

Videos for Career Cluster lessons

How to find the Career Clusters videos when you’re preparing to introduce the Career Clusters concepts to your students.

Download Ponder Resources from your Dashboard

Step-by-step instructions on how to download Ponder resources from your online Dashboard anytime.

What is Ponder all about?

Easily integrate life-changing career education lessons into any school setting with the Career Development Framework (CDF).

Can Ponder work in my educational setting?

The Ponder Program is helping to deliver Career Education in all kinds of schools across the globe. Flexible to suit any setting, find out more here.

How does SWG find the news items?

Learn a bit about how we put our newsletters together and where our information is sourced from.

What type of news do you find?

Interested to learn about what kind of news we cover each week in our newsletters? Read on…

Can I share news items and events on my social media pages or in my own newsletters?

Share the SWG resources with your school community as part of your Membership.

Can I share your resources with my school?

Share the SWG resources included in a School Membership with your students and school community.

How much does a School Membership cost?

Learn about the SWG Memberships and their costs.

Why am I not receiving the weekly newsletters?

What to do if you’re not receiving our weekly newsletters to your email inbox.

Why aren’t my log in details working?

Simple steps to help you get logged in if you’re having problems.

Who are Study Work Grow?

Find out a little bit more about the team behind Study Work Grow.

Supporting students who aren’t clear about their pathway

This short webinar unpacks some tips for supporting students who don’t know where to start.

Understanding the Career Development Framework

We designed the Career Development Framework (CDF) to be as flexible as possible.
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