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Teach career management skills in just 15 mins per week

The Ponder Program makes it unbelievably easy to integrate best practice career education lessons into your secondary school setting. 

Rationale + Teacher Slides + Videos (and any educator can deliver it) 

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Elevate your careers program with Ponder

Students want to be ready for the future that awaits them when school is over. 

But without the right skills and knowledge to choose a career they’ll love, they might become one of the 79% of adults across the world who feel ‘disconnected’ with the work they do each day*. The Ponder Program solves that, with easy-to-use career education resources that teach students to actively know themselves, their context, and how they might fit in the world of work.

*Gallup State of the Global Workforce 2022 Report 

Teach best-practice in your school

It's Industry Commended

The Ponder Program was one of the first Career Education frameworks & materials in Australia to be independently review and awarded the prestigious ‘Commended Program’ status by the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA).

The assessment criteria of Content, Credibility, Originality, Usefulness, Currency, Value, and Accessibility that Ponder met or exceeded means that you can purchase the Ponder Program with confidence. 

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Turn any time into high-value careers time

Finding space to ‘fit’ career education into a busy curriculum is a challenge. And worse still, we know that students receive just 2 hours of career education per year on average (ironically, that’s to prepare them for a 40-year career).

So our qualified Career Practitioner, Lucy Sattler designed the Ponder Program to help you turn any time into Careers Time, giving you: 

40 flexible lessons

Teach careers, pathways, and personal development topics every week of the year across all year levels

15 mins per week

Short lessons that fit into non-curriculum time like Home Room, Form Class, Tutor Time; or to add value to Pastoral Care, PDHPE, or PSHE lessons 

Delivered by anyone

Lessons can be delivered by you or your teaching staff (easy-to-follow instructions and notes included) 

We even provide the slides, videos, teacher prompts, and student activities – all ready for your educators to access and deliver.  

It means that every week, your students can have positive, constructive conversations about a wide range of career management topics, making them more confident and better prepared for their future

What does the Ponder Program teach?

The Ponder Program covers four (4) key learning areas that teachers can cover in lessons to help your students make a successful post-school transition. With ten (10) learning units per Module, you’ve got everything you need to educate and inspire your students across all year levels. 


Module 1

Understanding Self

First, students are supported to explore their strengths and learn about their priorities. In primary school this may mean exploring favourite subjects, while senior students work on building learner profiles.

Module 2

Self in Context

In Module 2, they start to see themselves in relation to their environment. This includes learning about appropriate workplace behaviour, finding balance, and managing conflict.

Module 3


Module 3 is where we explore the labour market at a local, national, and global level, and at the same time students learn how to find meaningful work.

Module 4


Finally, in Module 4 we bring everything together so that students can begin to set goals and make plans that relate to their understanding of themselves and the world of work.

Run it as your entire careers program, or use it to supplement your own

Ponder is perfect for schools where:

  • No career education structure exists
  • Your current program/lesson content isn’t working
  • You need access to modern videos, lesson plans, and activities

With fresh new content updates each year, it’s a program your school can fully utilise across all upper-middle and secondary school levels to build your students’ career management skills. 

Lessons are based on The Three Phase Inquiry Model

Learning career management skills requires more than just ‘rote memorisation’. Career education should be exciting and engaging, which is why we use a Three Phase Inquiry Model to structure each unit.

It’s simple, effective (and your students will always want more).


Students are introduced to the topic and given a chance to learn about the concept before going further


Once students and teachers have watched the Discovery video, they can discuss their thoughts and ideas


Encourage deep learning and reflection with the activities and thinking points which accompany each unit

Flexibility that suits any timetable (even yours)

The program includes 40 career education lessons with adjustments for ages 12-18, but it doesn’t have to be delivered sequentially week-by-week for it to work.

  • Have weekly time-slots available? Follow it week-by-week.
  • Infrequent lessons or schedules? Combine multiple lessons together into one action-packed session.
  • Particular focus area? Choose a lesson that suits your age cohort, career education topic, or timing.

Each lesson can be as little as 5 mins or extended to 30 mins depending on your available time and depth of discussion. The length and mode of delivery remains entirely up to you.

It’s all about giving you the tools to start the right career conversations, at the right time.

Designed to be high-value, low-cost

Great career education is critical to life in our developed world, so whether you’re at a well funded school, or one where just the basics are covered, you’ll be able to budget for Ponder. 

You and your entire school will get:

  • Access to the Ponder Career Education Framework (CDF) 
  • 40 units of engaging lesson materials including videos, slides, worksheets, printable posters, conversation starters and more 
  • Framework PDFs designed to support your teaching and to help inform other educators how to address career conversations with students 
  • Rationale PDFs you can share with your school leaders, Dean of Curriculum/Head of Senior, so they know the ‘how & why’ of what is being taught

And all for one affordable price per year. 

Based on best-practice

Ponder is aligned with the world's leading career education frameworks

Every country has great educational curriculums, but what if you could combine the best of each one into a single career curriculum?

Then, you’d have the Ponder Program. We looked at teaching frameworks from: 

  • Australia
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Canada 
  • USA 

To create one holistic career education program that’s both applicable and ready to teach in any English-speaking educational setting.

Who is Study Work Grow?

We're a student-focused, school-funded Social Enterprise

If you haven’t heard of us, that’s totally ok.

Study Work Grow has been quietly growing in popularity with Australian educators since 2018 and now more than 1-in-5 Australian secondary school careers advisors use our paid programs (and several hundred more accessing our free resources).

Being a social enterprise means we reinvest our profits into making better products for you, while keeping programs affordable.

 Study Work Grow:
  • Is funded by schools
  • Is data security approved by each State & Territory
  • Doesn’t sell data to third parties (ever)
  • Has an in-house (and very friendly) support team

All of the good things you need in an education provider.

We’re also Members of Australia’s top industry organisations for Career Education:

Can Ponder work in my educational setting?

(The short answer is YES

Ponder is now being used in hundreds of secondary schools across Australia, the UK, and New Zealand with great success. 

  • Government/Public Schools/Colleges
  • Private Schools
  • Religious Schools
  • Independent Schools
  • Large Metro Schools & Tiny Regional Schools

And it works well in every context because it’s so flexible.  

Only teach careers in Year 9? Or Seniors? Or all grades?
That’s totally ok – choose from the program as you need to

Missed a week?
No problem, it’s not sequential or co-dependent

Want to pick and choose lessons?
Totally fine, you know your cohort and needs better than we do

All of the hard work is done for you, so you can just pick it up and start teaching. How will you use it at your school?

Plus, you'll also get access to Pathways

‘Pathways’ is our wildly popular career education resource collection, with things like researched Weekly News you don’t need to prepare yourself, Student Pathways Guides to help with decisions, Job Spotlights that profile different careers, and a free Careers Website for your school. 

It means hundreds of hours worth of content preparation saved each year (while making you look like a superstar) 

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

Regularly communicating about careers makes a difference, and these beautifully designed resources can help you do just that.

Schools love using Ponder

Educators love how we help them to have thriving career education programs in their schools – and we hope you’ll soon be letting us know how much you love our programs too.

I have already been given Mondays during home room for Ponder. I get 5 mins – a great way for students to start the week in 2023. I just love the video and the one question for discussion – just brilliant.

Thanks for the email and document [Ponder Resource PDF]. I love that it is all together and makes it so straight forward when working with other staff who can feel out of their depth when asked to do something not in their "subject area".

(Everyone loves goodies)

Subscribe today and get a Career Kit too

To get your new membership off to a great start, you’ll also receive a big pack of print materials and goodies in the mail to your school.

  • A3 Posters to brighten up your walls
  • Career Cluster Posters in A4 to introduce the ‘Clusters’
  • Job Spotlight Brochures in A5 for your office or library
  • And a Lanyard, Pin, and a Tim Tam

Why do we send these?

We know that Careers & Pathways are often ‘hidden’ at school, so these materials will help you and your new Careers Programs become more visible. 


Start your Essentials Membership at school today

You’ll LOVE having Essentials. Here’s a quick recap of what’s included: 

Career Education Programs + Communication Tools

Full access to our quality, evidence-based career education programs co-designed with schools, including:

  • The Ponder Program for teaching career management competencies
  • Ready-to-Work prepares students for their first job
  • The Career Clusters (full access) gives students a great place to start conversations from

Plus, you’ll get everything in our Lite Membership:

  • Custom School Careers Website
  • 15+ Student Guides
  • 200+ Job Spotlights
  • Researched Weekly News

Essentials is our #1 most popular program with everything you need for 12 months.  Get started today >>

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