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Work experience ideas for students who love swimming

Do you love to swim and are thinking about future careers where you can incorporate your passion? There are more options than just becoming an athlete. In this blog, we’ll look at some work experience options for students who love swimming, and hopefully give you a bit of inspiration for your future. Let’s “dive” in!

Local swimming pools and aquatic centres

One of the first places to consider looking for a placement is your local swimming pool or aquatic centre, which often offer opportunities for work experience. You could assist with swimming lessons and fitness classes, help maintain the facilities, or even shadow a lifeguard to get a feel for what it takes to ensure safety in the pool.

Tour and dive boats

If you have a fascination for the underwater world, consider reaching out to local dive shops or tour boat operators. You could assist with equipment setup, guide guests on snorkelling or diving excursions, or learn about marine conservation efforts.

Surf lifesaving clubs

If you’re a confident swimmer and want a career where you could help save lives, consider volunteering with or joining a surf lifesaving club. You can learn vital first aid skills and help make our beaches and waterways safer.

Aquatic therapy centres

Some rehabilitation centres, aged care homes, and sporting clinics have aquatic therapy programs. This could be an option if you’re interested in the therapeutic aspects of swimming and want to explore a potential career in healthcare.

Sports event planning

Look out for local swimming competitions or events happening in your area and offer to lend a hand. They often need volunteers to assist with various tasks like setup and pack down, ticketing, timekeeping, and assisting athletes.

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Remember, work experience isn’t just about gaining specific skills related to swimming, but also about developing transferable skills like communication, teamwork, and time management. These will be valuable assets in any career path you choose down the track.

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