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Why You Should Apply for Scholarships

Receiving a scholarship means more than just financial support. Lots of scholarships come with heaps of other benefits, and even the application process itself can help you in ways you might not have realised. If you’re heading off to study and are keen to get some extra support, we have some of the top reasons why you should apply for scholarships. Take a look.

Financial support

Yes, scholarships are often more than just money, but this is still one of the main reasons most people apply for them! Whether we like it or not, education can get expensive, from tuition fees to textbooks, laptops, accommodation; the list can go on and on. Scholarships are a great way of relieving some of that financial pressure, allowing you to stress less and focus on your studies.

Expanding opportunities

Other than money, heaps of scholarships offer a whole host of other benefits as well. These can be things like access to mentoring and special study support, being invited to exclusive events and workshops, internship and work experience opportunities, connections with major employers and other organisations, travel opportunities, and more. They can be a great way to boost your study experience beyond the classroom.

Increasing your confidence

Imagine the thrill of receiving an email letting you know you’ve just been awarded a scholarship – it’s more likely than you think! Going into your studies knowing you have that extra support can be a big confidence boost. And even just plucking up the courage to go through the application process (which can sometimes include interviews and essays) shows you have initiative and determination.

Supporting non-academic excellence

There’s a pervasive myth that most scholarships only go to the best and brightest students. In reality, scholarships are awarded for a whole host of things. Whether you’re a virtuoso on the piano, love to volunteer in your community, lead your local rugby team to victory, or are just super passionate about a particular subject, there are lots of scholarships out there that will reward your efforts in all aspects of life, not just your studies.

Keeping things fair

If you find yourself in a difficult position and think further study might be unattainable, think again. Lots of scholarships are designed to help people from all walks of life access education – whether you’ve overcome hardships at home, come from an underrepresented background, or are just facing circumstances you can’t control.

Building skills

Even if you don’t end up winning a scholarship, the application process is more handy than you think. It can help you build valuable skills like time management (getting applications in on time), communication (writing the perfect application essay), presentation skills (if you have to attend an interview), and even just show that you’re motivated and passionate. These are all skills you’ll need no matter where you end up in life.

Hopefully some of these reasons have left you motivated to apply for a scholarship (or two). If you still want to learn more about scholarships, or are ready to start your search, you can find out more on our website here.


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