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What’s Your Strength Cards

This guest article was written by Lucy Sattler, chief Career Practitioner at Study Work Grow and advocate for early career education. 


A little while ago, I was lucky enough to receive a pack of What’s your Strength Cards from their creator Katherine Jennick; a Careers Advisor of many years’ experience in the UK.


What are they?

Each pack contains a set of purple (experience) and green (subject) two-sided, playing sized, cards.  You can use the two colours together, or separately.

The top side allows the user to easily select whichever subject or experience they feel applies to them.

Then, once they flip over the cards that they’ve chosen, there’s a whole host of skills and qualities listed for the young person to choose from. They’re encouraged to select the ones that resonate the most with them.


What’s your strength cards helped me open my eyes to all of the different abilities I have gained from sport

– Year 11 student

How can they help young people

Katherine noticed that teens planning for their futures were struggling to recognise their abilities and skills. Which then makes it tricky for them to create a resume, let alone choose a pathway, and set goals that could ultimately help them achieve their career dreams.


Really easy to use and young people go from “Errr skills? Me? To “I’m good at X, Y, Z because of 1, 2, 3!’ in no time at all.”

– Chris Reddy Founder & Director of Bright Leaders

The What’s your strength cards are a simple, effective, and tangible resource that could help teens to recognise and share their potential.


 Three ways you could use What’s your strength cards


  • One-on-one sessions

Helping to break the ice and take the frustration out of the conversation for young people struggling to find their strengths.

  • In small groups

A great way to promote healthy discussion amongst peers. Helping teens to keep an open mind, embrace different perspectives, and hopefully identify and learn more about their own strengths.

  • Resume and application writing

Assisting young people to navigate the tricky world of job hunting and more, by recognising their accomplishments and skills.


“I used the cards to help with my uni statement. They allowed me to find my best skills and strengths and apply them to my statement.”

– Year 13 Student

Katherine has lots of other recommendations for ways you could use the cards in a variety of settings on her website.


In conclusion

If you’re looking to help teens start seeing their own value and potential, these cards could be a handy addition to your existing inventory of career resources.

If you’re based in Australia, we’ve got a couple of packs in stock that you can order if you’d like them sooner rather than later, just head over to our bookshop. Otherwise the teen and adult card packs are available online, direct from What’s you Strength?




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