What you need to know about Co-op Scholarships

Successfully applying for a co-op scholarship could do much more for you than simply covering your study costs. They come with heaps of other great perks too. So how can you access one of these amazing opportunities? Let’s find out.

Premium scholarships with extra value

Scholarships are generally sums of money awarded to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements specific to that scholarship. There are thousands available from universities, private institutions, charities, and businesses all over the world. They could really make a difference to your tertiary education experience by removing some of the financial pressure, or help you start your working life with less debt than you’d otherwise have.

How great is that? Believe it or not, a co-op scholarship is even better.

Co-op scholarships go the extra mile. Not only do they provide some financial benefits (or in some cases a lot), they could also provide you with amazing extras such as:

  • Access to mentors
  • Leadership and development programs
  • Work experience opportunities (both paid and unpaid)
  • Guaranteed accommodation
  • Access to workshops and special events
  • Networking opportunities

Who can apply for a co-op scholarship?

Each scholarship is unique to the institution or provider, so you’ll have to check you meet the eligibility requirements before you spend time applying.

Co-op scholarships are generally open to high achievers. If you think that doesn’t sound like you, it’s still worth checking – merit isn’t just given for amazing academic results, although it is often a pre-requisite.

Some scholarships will accept applications from people who’ve been recommended by their school for their outstanding contributions. Others want to reward individuals who’ve worked hard and made a difference with community involvement, or perhaps have shown great potential with their leadership abilities.

Competitive but worth the rewards

These esteemed scholarships are highly sought after, so the applications can be highly competitive – but they are definitely worth your time applying.

Many of these programs have a 100% success rate for employment upon graduation. You might receive an income while you’re still studying at uni, as some internships are salaried. If you don’t leave university with a job already lined up, the fact that you received a co-op scholarship will look fantastic on your resume, could appeal to potential employers, and may have provided you with relevant work experience and useful industry contacts.

In other words, you’ll definitely be ahead of the pack.

There are benefits to just applying for a co-op scholarship

Putting yourself forward for co-op scholarships will give you invaluable experience in completing intricate applications and doing well at interviews.

Your confidence could receive a little boost knowing that you’re considered eligible, that your application was considered, and that you put yourself outside your comfort zone and survived intact.

In some cases, if your application isn’t successful but the panel were impressed by your application, they could suggest alternative scholarships and programs to apply for.

Even if you don’t exactly meet the eligibility requirements but you’re close, or if you’ve excelled in some areas and your application really stands out, providers might just bend the rules for an outstanding candidate…it could be you.

So what’s the catch?

If you’re granted one of these highly prized co-op scholarships, you’ll be expected to take your studies seriously. You’ll have to make sure you stay on track and achieve your predicted results (or better).

Once you’ve enrolled at university and started your course, you’ll probably have to maintain a minimum grade average in order to keep the scholarship. You might even have to comply with other requirements, such as:

  • Helping out at orientation week
  • Committing to helping out on campus
  • Active involvement within your chosen department
  • Attending all additional programs and events that come with the scholarship

Can I defer my co-op scholarship?

Some scholarships allow you to defer, but it’s unlikely Co-op Scholarships will because they are so competitive and sought after – you’ll need to check with the individual provider to confirm this though.

If you are successful in receiving a scholarship and then need to defer your enrolment, you might have to complete another application and go through the entire process the following year (if the institution allows for that).

Where can I find out out more about co-op scholarships?

Each year at Study Work Grow, we do the research for you and put it all in one easy to read place. Keep an eye out for our updated Co-op Scholarships Guide, coming soon.

In the meantime, we have heaps of other blogs on university and money. You might also like to browse our free money database and see if there are any opportunities for you.


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