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5 Places to Find Virtual Work Experience

Sometimes it can be tricky to find work experience. Maybe the program you wanted to do is full, or it’s in a city that’s far away. Luckily, there is another option – virtual work experience.

An increasingly popular option, virtual work experience gives students from anywhere in the country the chance to experience working in a place they might not have had the option to before.

Here are some places that offer virtual work experience you might like to check out.




Forage is an Australian-founded company that offers virtual work experience programs and internships from over 100 companies worldwide, including some pretty big names. You don’t need any prior experience to sign up to one of their programs, and they are totally free.

Find the programs on offer here.


CSIRO Virtual Work Experience


For the past few years the CSIRO has been running a virtual work experience program, letting students from around the country get a taste of a career in STEM research. You even get the opportunity to work on projects linked to real-world CSIRO research.

Take a look at the program here.




Grandshake is another Australian company offering great virtual work experience programs. They have a variety of areas to choose from, and also offer short microcredentials to boost your skills. And the best part is it’s all completely free.

See what they have to offer here.


PwC Virtual Case Experience


PwC’s Virtual Case Experience is an interactive online platform providing virtual work experience to students. You’ll work on simulated client projects virtually, from wherever you are and on your own time.

Find out more here.


Work Window


Work Window offers interactive virtual reality job shadowing and informational interview experiences to students, allowing them to get a taste of their career and help narrow down their choices. To use Work Window, your school will need to sign up for access.

Take a look at what’s on offer here.


Want more? You can access our Work Experience Database and find tons more opportunities, both in-person and virtual.


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