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Updates to the Skills Priority List

The Skills Priority List has been updated to reflect the latest census data and its also now available as an interactive digital tool.

It’s clean, fresh, easy to use, and I can imagine it would generate some great conversations with clients or students. You can filter jobs by future demand, location, including rural vs. metro locations, and by level of shortage, which means you can pinpoint the jobs which will be most in demand in your location (and also those least in demand).

Like most of these tools, the digital tool only refers to specific jobs and there are 914 on the list, which means it can be a bit unwieldy, and there’s no way to filter by industry or Career Cluster so the results are very granular. Many of the jobs sounds very similar (cyber security analyst vs. cyber security architect, for example) and this could make things confusing if using the tool with students or clients who don’t understand the difference between the specific roles.

For that reason, we’d advise that the tool is used as part of the counselling process (or in career education classes) rather than as a tool you could refer clients to. The Occupations section of the YourCareer website is a good alternative if you’re looking for user-friendly granular data.

You can find the Skills Priority List, both the digital and the downloadable versions, at this link.


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