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Upcoming PD & Teacher Resources

There are heaps of great resources and professional development opportunities out there for teachers, careers advisors, and schools. Here are some of the latest we’ve found.

QTAC Insights 2023 – Webinar – 25 July

Join QTAC online for their annual professional development session and learn everything you need to know about QTAC’s application portal and processes, and how to support your students looking to start tertiary study.

The Job For You – YouTube Video

An interesting look into the history of job searching in Australia from the NFSA. A great way to show students how perceptions around careers and work have changed.

Careers of the Future Index – Online Resource

Gallup and Amazon Future Engineer have created an index listing the importance of certain jobs into the future. It’s an interesting look into what might be in demand and can help guide student’s decision making.

Respectful Relationships Education – Online Resource

A database of resources from OurWatch for teaching respectful relationships and ways to prevent gender-based violence in schools.


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