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Top 5 Career Education Videos for Parent Teacher Nights

Parents are the #1 influence in a young person’s life, so by getting parents inspired about possible career options, your students will have an easier time choosing what comes next for them.

Add some interesting careers videos to your next parent or family information evening

Looking for some inspiration to add to your careers or pathways evening? We’ve gone through our extensive video library on Study Work Grow’s YouTube Channel to find our Top 5 Career Education Videos for Parent Teacher Nights or Career Information Evenings.

These videos can be added to a presentation, played individually, or put into a sequence that’s played on loop on a TV for parents and students to watch while waiting to see you one-on-one at your information evening.


1. The Future of Work

Talking about what we imagine the Future of Work will look like can help parents and family members think beyond the popular jobs of the past. That’s why it’s our #1 career education video on this list. Here’s the video.



2. Five Types of Motivation Factors

Do you know what drives you? There are five common types of motivating factors, and knowing where you sit can be really helpful. Here’s the video.



3. Career Clusters

There are six Career clusters, and they help us think differently about how people work. Because the Clusters are based on skills and outcomes, rather than job outputs, people can align themselves with the Cluster which suits their interests and strengths, and then find a role in the Cluster that suits them in any industry they like. Here’s the video.



4. The Bigger Picture

It’s important for you to understand how the work you do every day fits in at your workplace. In this video we look at some of the aspects of work and how it affects you, your coworkers, the organisation you work for, and the community through this example workplace setting in healthcare. Here’s the video.



5. Will Robots Take My Job?

With a dramatic rise in AI in early 2023, many students (and parents) are thinking about the future. Worried your job might get replaced by a machine? Technology is changing how we work – find out which jobs are most at risk and what you can do to future-proof your career. Here’s the video.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these Top 5 Career Education Videos for Parent Teacher Nights, but remember there are many more videos to explore on our YouTube channel that are great for showing in class, sharing on your school’s social media, or adding to your careers website: YouTube.com/StudyWorkGrow

All the best for your Parent Information Evening (and if we can help in any way, be sure to reach out to us at schools@studyworkgrow.com.au).


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