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Tips for writing a thank you letter after receiving a scholarship

Sometimes when you receive a scholarship, one of the requirements is writing a letter of thanks to the scholarship donor. A donor is the person, group, or organisation who donated the money you receive. Even if it’s not specified in the scholarship terms, writing a thank you letter is also just a nice thing to do to show your appreciation. So if you need (or want) to write a thank you letter after receiving a scholarship, we have some tips to help.

Before you start

If your university or institution has given you formal instructions on what to include in your letter of thanks, be sure to follow that too (e.g. attaching a portfolio or CV).

Start with a greeting

Begin your letter with a polite greeting, usually “Dear”. Always use the donor’s name if you know it – if not, a general greeting is okay.

Share a bit about yourself

Briefly introduce yourself, your background, what you’re studying, and your achievements or goals. This adds a personal touch to your letter and helps the donor get to know you better.

Express gratitude

Clearly state your appreciation for being awarded the scholarship. Use sincere and genuine language to convey your thanks. Make sure to mention the scholarship by name too.

Mention the impact

Share how the scholarship will make a difference in your academic journey or future plans. This helps the donor understand the real-world impact of their support. Mention how specific aspects of the scholarship will help, whether it’s financial assistance, mentorship opportunities, or accommodation. Being specific shows that you’ve thought about the details.

Discuss future plans

Briefly mention your aspirations and how the scholarship aligns with your future plans. This shows that you are forward-thinking and grateful for the opportunities the scholarship provides.

Reiterate thanks

Conclude your letter by reiterating your gratitude. Express your appreciation once more and thank the donor for their generosity.


Use a professional closing, such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards,” followed by your full name. You might also need to include your student number or contact details.

Final tips

Remember to keep your scholarship thank you letter concise, genuine, and focused on expressing your gratitude – you’ll make a great impression with both the donor and your university too.

You can read more about scholarships and search for opportunities on our website here.


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