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The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Study Space

One of the biggest keys to effective study is making sure you have the perfect space. Having a good space to study can help you stay organised and increase your productivity. With that in mind, here is our guide to prepping your study space.


Pick an appropriate space


As nice as it is to snuggle up in bed with your laptop or tablet, it doesn’t make for a great study environment. It’s best to have a separate zone or area for study that you can keep separate from your relaxing spaces – this means when you sit down in your study space, you’ll be in the right head space to start working (instead of dozing off).

This space doesn’t necessarily need to be a whole room – it can be a comfy nook in the house, a dedicated section of your bedroom, or even a space at the dining table.


Keep it functional & tidy


You probably have hundreds of books and papers, tons of stationery, and enough sticky notes to cover the whole house – but keeping your study space uncluttered and organised is important. You won’t have to waste valuable study time trying to find what you need, and a nice clean space can help clear your mind too.

Make sure your desk and chair are at a comfortable height and that the space has good lighting. It’s also a good idea to keep a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated (just be careful not to spill it on your laptop).


Minimise distractions


You’ll need to remain focused when you study, so having as few distractions as possible is key. So make sure you pick a space where you know you won’t be interrupted by family, or where you can’t see the TV. And we know it’s hard, but try and put your phone somewhere out of reach while you’re in the study zone. Consider setting up temporary blockers to stop yourself from jumping onto YouTube or TikTok, or use a device that doesn’t have any games installed you might be tempted to open.

If you need to study in an open or public space, you might like to try noise cancelling headphones, or just listening to some music instead.


Make it your own


Personalising a space can go a long way to making it more comfortable. Knowing that you have a space to call your own can mean you’re more likely to want to spend time there, instead of dreading the thought. So if you can, add some personal touches to the space to make it yours. Put up some posters, add a pinboard for photos and lists, or consider adding some plants (they might even reduce your stress).

Scour Pinterest or Instagram for some inspo and work your creative muscles to make a space that’s unique and comfortable.


Once you’re done prepping your study space, check out heaps more study tips on our website here.


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