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The Top 5 Scholarships for High Achievers

There are lots of scholarships out there to award high achievers. Whether you’ve studied hard and achieved excellent results, shown exceptional leadership skills, or worked hard to contribute to your community, you could benefit from a scholarship.


Who can get a high achievers scholarship?


While we generally think of academic performance (and this is certainly one of the criteria), “high achieving” can apply to many different areas, including leadership, community service, and musical or sporting ability.

If you’re at the top of your game in a particular subject, skill, or field, you could be eligible.


What’s special about these scholarships?


Unlike regular scholarships, which generally award money, these scholarships for high achievers often come with lots of bonuses. This can include things like mentoring opportunities, travel opportunities, exclusive access to extra-curricular experiences, networking and professional connections, and more.


Top 5 scholarships for high achievers


Here are our picks for some of the top scholarships for high achievers.

University of Melbourne Hansen Scholarship Program: not only will you receive a generous allowance during your studies, through the Hansen Scholarship Program you’ll receive free accommodation, guaranteed entry to a Master’s degree, access to a bespoke mentoring program, the opportunity to be part of a lifelong community of alumni, and more.

ANU Tuckwell Scholarship Program: this scholarship from ANU awards financial support, guaranteed access to ANU-approved student accommodation, leadership development and enrichment opportunities, wellbeing and support options, as well as exclusive access to Scholars House (just to name a few benefits).

UNSW Co-op Program: as well as financial support, the UNSW Co-op program allows you to connect with a huge community of professionals, alumni, and other students, helping you to grow your professional connections and gain real work experience before finishing university.

Curtin University John Curtin Scholarship Program: this scholarship will cover your HECS fees for your entire degree, as well as extra cash for spending. You’ll also get a one-off cash payment to contribute towards an international study experience, access to leadership opportunities, and be paired with a mentor throughout your degree.

University of Newcastle Ma & Morley Scholarship Program: this generous scholarship provides up to $75,000 for your entire degree, access to a values based leadership program, and the opportunity to undertake an immersion experience in China.


These scholarships are just the tip of the iceberg – you can find tons more on our Scholarships Database here.


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