Ten jobs of the future you may want to know about

It’s no secret that the world of work is changing, and these changes will see the rise of new professions across a whole range of industries. AI, robotic technology, and automation mean that we won’t be working the same way in the future as we do right now – there will be less need for people to work in mundane, repetitive jobs, and more space for us to create and care in ‘human’ jobs.

Many of the jobs of the future will look pretty similar to what we have today. Architects, for example, have been around in one form or another for around 10,000 years, and we will still need experts who can design buildings far into the future. The difference will be that architects working in 2100 may be working on 3D printed homes on Mars, or use intuitive AI systems that can tailor the building to suit its occupants.

Here are ten jobs of the future we think you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Bionic Eye Technician – around by 2025 – Guardian Cluster
    Bionic eye technology already exists – vision is captured in real-time by a camera and then converted into electrical stimulation that triggers a retinal implant, but is expected to be available to the market by 2025. By 2050, the images produced are expected to be as good as normal human vision. Bionic eye technicians could work alongside ophthalmologists and other medical professionals to fit the technology and ensure it works correctly for the user.

  2. Space Travel Agent – around by 2026 – Linker Cluster
    Space tourism is already a thing, but by 2026 Virgin Galactic, one of the biggest players, expect to be able to offer flights to space for tourists. As the industry grows, demand for specialist travel agents who know the market and are able to secure seats for their well-heeled clients is expected to grow, especially as the market matures and prices come down to more reachable levels.

  3. Blockchain Conveyancer – around by 2030 – Informer Cluster
    Conveyancers are a type of legal professional who manage the transfer of property from one party to another. They don’t just handle the transfer of physical property like houses or land, they also transfer business, leases, and other assets. In the future, conveyancers could rely on blockchain to electronically transfer all kinds of property securely, as is already happening in some places.

  4. Biohacking Consultants – around by 2035 – Guardian + Linker Clusters
    As biohacking grows in popularity, we could see the rise of professional consultants who are able to advise clients on the best methods for biohacking and administer the right treatments. Biohacking is the process of using science-based health treatments to optimise performance and improve longevity, and while it’s still relatively niche, the research suggests that the industry is growing fast and could become as mainstream as other beauty and wellness therapies over the next 10 years.

  5. Ocean Garbage Collector – around by 2040 – Maker Cluster
    There’s a lot of garbage in the ocean – one of the largest patches, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is estimated to be around the size of 500 jumbo jets – and it’s going to take a massive effort to clean it all up. Organisations like The Ocean Cleanup are raising funds to build collection systems and hire people to operate them, and they will need people to coordinate operations and conduct the collection both at sea and also to intercept the garbage as it leaves rivers around the world. Right now, most of the roles are for volunteers, but as operations grow demand will drive employment.

  6. Mars-based Hydrofuel Plant Operator – around by 2050 – Maker Cluster
    Hydrogen fuel is not just on the horizon it is already here, but we’re expecting that the push to colonise Mars will drive the development of Hydrofuel, and by 2050 we will see Hydrofuel Plant Operators working on Mars. These people will be responsible for monitoring fill lines and equipment, checking fuel quality, and ensuring the plant is able to operate as it should.

  7. Lunar Architect – around by 2060 – Innovator Cluster
    If we want to be able to create a colony, or even just a permanent station, on the moon, then we need architects who can design buildings for the unique conditions. Architects are already floating ideas for 3D printed houses which could house the first people to actually live on the moon, but we expect that as demand grows we will see the emergence of professional lunar architects who specialise in creating these types of dwellings.

  8. Agronomic Data Analyst – around by 2080 – Informer Cluster
    The UN anticipates that we could need to feed over 10 billion people by 2080, and if we’re going to do this then we will need to rely on powerful data analysis to tell us what to grow and when to grow it. Intelligent AI systems are expected to handle more of the work, and the farmer of the future is someone who manages a range of technology and works with specialists such as agronomic data analysts to monitor crop productivity, predict future yields, and respond to weather conditions.

  9. Team Master – around by 2100 – Coordinator Cluster
    As AI and robotics take over many of the more mundane office tasks, we expect human skills to become even more important. One prediction is that rather than companies hiring individuals, small groups of workers will form collectives that work together on projects and are hired as a group. These teams will need people to coordinate and organise the collective, in a similar way to how Scrum Masters already operate.

  10. Wedding Cloud Burster – around by 2120 – Maker Cluster
    No one wants to risk rain on their wedding day, and cloud seeding technology could be the answer. The technology has been around since the 1940s, and the first Wedding Cloud Bursting services are already available, but there is a hefty fee involved. By 2120, the technology is expected to have advanced to the point where manipulating the clouds is commonplace, which may see the rise of the Wedding Cloud Burster.

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