Summer Camp Gap Year in the US

Looking to travel for your gap year? If you want to see some amazing places, make new friends, and have tons of fun, you might want to consider a Summer Camp in the US.


What is Summer Camp?


Summer Camps are programs for American school students during their Summer holidays (which is in the middle of the year in the Northern Hemisphere). Students participate in all kinds of activities, from outdoors activities like camping, hiking, swimming, and much more, as well as other skill building and recreational activities. Some camps even offer activities like music, arts, and science.


What will you do as part of your Gap Year?


If you choose to spend your Gap Year at Summer Camp, you will usually participate as a worker or mentor rather than a student. You’ll still get to take part in the fun, but you’ll also be responsible for looking after students and helping to set up and run activities too. The best part is you’ll also get paid, as well as getting valuable experience and skills for future job and study applications.

As well as working at Camp, you’ll also get the opportunity to spend your free time travelling, so you can see the sights and explore to your heart’s content.


What’s included in the program?


There are lots of different programs out there, and inclusions can vary, but here’s what you’ll typically get as part of your program:

  • Placement at a camp (usually 8-12 weeks)
  • Included accommodation & food while at camp
  • A salary
  • Help to obtain a visa
  • Medical insurance
  • 30 days of travel after camp is finished

These are all included as part of the program fee, which varies depending on your provider. Note that there are other expenses not included that you’ll need to pay for separately, such as flights, visa application fees, and accommodation and food outside of camp.


Where can I sign up?


If you’re keen to spend your gap year at Summer Camp, there are lots of providers out there that offer programs. Here are some we’ve found:


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