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Study hacks for creative learning

Let’s face it – sometimes, studying can feel like a chore. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Some of us work better with creative stimulation, so making study time more creatively appealing could boost your learning to a new level.

You might not have considered incorporating art and music into your study routine, but it’s been proven that using creativity in education actually improves learning. Here are some creative techniques to enhance your studying with the help of art and music.

Visual aids

Visual aids can significantly improve your memory and understanding of the material. Here are a few ways to use art to enhance your studying:

  • Mind Maps: Create colourful mind maps to connect ideas and concepts visually. This can help you see the bigger picture and remember details better. Canva has a ton of free online mind maps, which you can check out here
  • Diagrams and Charts: Drawing diagrams and charts can make complex information easier to digest. Use different colours to highlight key points and relationships, and you might find yourself taking in way more info than before
  • Sketch Notes: Combine drawing and writing to make your notes more engaging. Sketching while you take notes can help reinforce the information in your mind – we break it down for you further in this blog

Check out Graham Shaw’s TED talk on drawing to remember for more ideas:

Background music for focus

Listening to music while studying can help you stay focused, reduce stress and even improve academic performance. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Instrumental music: Choose instrumental music, as lyrics can be distracting. Classical music, lo-fi beats, and ambient sounds are great options
  • Video game soundtracks: Music used in video games is designed to motivate without distracting. There’s a whole psychology behind why video game music promotes better player performance, so why not try it while you study? Here’s a playlist to get you started:
  • Customised Playlists: Create playlists that suit different study tasks. For example, use calm, soothing music for reading and more upbeat tunes for problem-solving
  • Volume Control: Keep the volume low to ensure it’s a background element rather than the main focus. This helps create a pleasant study environment without overwhelming your senses.

Spark inspiration with creative projects

Integrating art projects into your study routine can boost creativity and make learning more fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Illustrated Timelines: Create illustrated timelines for history or literature subjects. Drawing key events or characters can help you remember the sequence and significance
  • Creative Flashcards: Design your flashcards with drawings and colours. This makes reviewing more engaging and helps you recall information through visual association. Visme has a bunch of different flashcard templates you can edit online
  • Art Journals: Keep an art journal where you can doodle, sketch, and jot down ideas related to your studies. This can be a fun way to process and retain information

Stress relief: creative break strategies

We all know it’s important to take breaks when studying- it refreshes your brain, increases productivity, and allows you to focus better. Instead of scrolling on your phone, why not stimulate yourself with these creative break ideas?

  • Sing along: Sing along to your favourite tracks to boost your spirits. Singing can be a great stress reliever and a fun way to take a break
  • Colouring books: Take a quick break, and use colouring books to relax and unwind with creative colouring. It’s not just for kids – there are tons of adult colouring books that specifically target stress relief
  • DIY crafts: If you’re using the Pomodoro technique to study, why not whip out some knitting, origami, or crocheting in that 20 minute break? It’s calming for the mind, and something you can pick up and put down easily
  • Dance Therapy: There’s tons of benefits that come from combining fitness and study, and taking 3 minutes to learn a new dance routine can help refresh your mind and energise your body

Start enhancing your study today

Ready to make studying more fun and effective? Incorporate these creative techniques into your routine and see how art and music can transform your learning experience.

For more tips and resources on education and study techniques, check out our website here.


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