Displaying Ponder Program Career Conversation posters

Caroline Chisholm College

Pathways Coach, Kara Oliver used the Ponder Program’s Career Conversations posters to brighten up her careers corner at school.

More real schools in action

Using printed A3 Job Spotlight Posters

Donvale Christian College

Donvale Christian College have displayed their printed Job Spotlight posters for all to see

Using screens to display digital Job Spotlight posters

Newington College

Careers Advisor Terence Priester uses digital displays throughout his school to show a wide range of careers and get students to regularly think about possible pathways. Our range of digital posters can be used in many different digital settings throughout your school, including public areas, the library, Subject Selection evenings, Careers Expos and more.

Get the resources

There’s a huge range of print and digital items you can use for career inspiration at school below:

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