How to use your Guides

Our Digital Student Guides are downloadable in PDF format. A great way to provide lots of information in one easy to understand document.

Downloading the Guides:
  • Once you select and purchase your chosen Guide, they will automatically download as PDF files.
  • Save the downloaded files to a convenient location on your device for easy access.
Sharing Online:
  • Via Email: Attach the PDF files to an email and send them directly to students, parents, or colleagues who might find them useful.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Intranet: Upload the PDFs to your school’s LMS or intranet, making them readily accessible for the entire school community.
  • Embed in Digital Guides: Incorporate the booklets into other digital career guides or resources to provide a comprehensive exploration tool.
Printing and Sharing Physical Copies:
  • Utilise your school’s print centre to produce physical copies.
  • Distribute the printed booklets during career counselling sessions, at career fairs, parent-teacher meetings, or in classrooms as tangible ‘frisbees’ to spark student interest in various career paths.
  • Share hard copies to your Careers Office or the school’s Library for students to pick up and browse or take home to read.
  • Provide hard copies for students who might struggle to access digital copies of the Guide outside of school hours.
Getting the Most Value:
  • Encourage students to review the Guides and return with any questions or for further discussion. This approach fosters a deeper exploration of their goals and could help you to better help them find and pursue relevant opportunities.
  • Use the Guides as a tool to initiate group discussions or workshops focused on career exploration, skills development, or life mapping.
  • Incorporate the Guides into classroom activities or projects that align with the career information presented, providing practical context and inspiration.

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