How to use your Educational Program

Download your Ready to Work Teaching Guide

Ready to Work comprises one amazing PDF document (the Teaching Guide) which contains download links to all of the additional materials you need, including Student Workbooks (digital and print-friendly), Student Certificate, and Lesson Materials. All you need is an internet connection to access all of the files which you can then save on your school computer to use in career education classes or your chosen setting.

Teaching the program

Ready to Work is easy to deliver, with full step-by-step instructions included in the Teaching Guide. Just open up the PDF and go through it page by page.

Who can deliver it?

Designed primarily for those with career education training or qualifications in career development/counselling, including Careers Advisors, Career Counsellors, or Guidance Officers. It can also be delivered by a Year Level Coordinator, Head Teacher, or Principal/Assistant Principal.

Need help or have any questions?

The Career Education team at Study Work Grow are always here to assist you. Contact us on anytime or call our office during Australian school hours between 8am Sydney AEST (GMT +10) and 4pm Perth AWST (GMT +8).

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