How to share your Job Spotlights

Our Job Spotlight booklets are designed to be a starting point in career exploration for students and their families. Here’s how you can make the most out of these informative resources:

Downloading the Booklets:

  • Once you select and purchase the desired Job Spotlight booklets, they will automatically download as PDF files.
  • Save the downloaded files to a convenient location on your device for easy access.

Sharing Online:

  • Via Email: Attach the PDF files to an email and send them directly to students, parents, or colleagues who might find them useful.
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Intranet: Upload the PDFs to your school’s LMS or intranet, making them readily accessible for the entire school community.
  • Embed in Digital Guides: Incorporate the booklets into other digital career guides or resources to provide a comprehensive exploration tool.

Printing and Sharing Physical Copies:

  • The booklets are optimised for high-quality printing on both domestic and commercial printers. Utilise your school’s print centre to produce physical copies.
  • Distribute the printed booklets during career counselling sessions, at career fairs, parent-teacher meetings, or in classrooms as tangible ‘frisbees’ to spark student interest in various career paths.

Getting the Most Value:

  • Encourage students to review the booklets and return with questions or for further discussion. This approach fosters a deeper exploration of their interests and aspirations.
  • Use the booklets as a tool to initiate group discussions or workshops focused on career exploration and skills development.
  • Incorporate the booklets into classroom activities or projects that align with the career information presented, providing practical context and inspiration.

By integrating these Job Spotlight booklets into your career counselling and educational activities, you empower students to explore, discover, and pursue their career interests with confidence and clarity.

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