Career Conversations

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Help students understand the world of work with our popular Careers Classroom Poster Pack, featuring 7 posters that show them what’s important.

$78.00 inc. GST

We’ve covered all the facts in our Work Experience Guide, so you can find a placement that suits you and your career ambitions and make the most of your experience.

$18.00 inc. GST

Answer the “Why do I need to learn this?” question with the Subject Poster Pack Bundle. By helping your students to think about their future, they can apply themselves now.

$145.00 inc. GST

Start fantastic career conversations with the Pathways Card pack from Study Work Grow. Download the file, print & cut out your cards, and get your career conversations flowing.

$65.00 inc. GST

See how real schools use SWG resources

Displaying Ponder Program Career Conversation posters

Caroline Chisholm College

Pathways Coach, Kara Oliver used the Ponder Program’s Career Conversations posters to brighten up her careers corner at school.

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