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We want to hear about your scholarships, competitions, internships, awards, work experience, events, conferences, expos, open days, and new courses.

Reach students everywhere by sharing your opportunities with us. We’re looking for things like scholarships, student competitions, new and exciting study opportunities, and other events that would be of interest to students, particularly secondary students. 

This isn’t a marketing opportunity, and we only share opportunities that offer a clear and obvious benefit for young people. 

It’s easy to submit your news, events, and opportunities, just use the form below to tell us about what’s on offer.

We’ll review your submission and prepare it for the database, then let you know once it’s live so you can share it with your networks. We may remove any language which won’t resonate with our audience, and we only share genuine opportunities where there is a clear benefit for the student. Please give us as much detail as possible, and ensure any links are working.

To get your opportunity into the database before our newsletter goes out on Monday, submit by 4pm Wednesday (AEST).

In submitting your news you retain copyright over your information, and are welcome to ask us to change or remove the information shared on your behalf at any time. Just go here to request a change.

Once you’ve submitted your opportunity we will add your email to our database so we can invite you to submit further news in the future. We’ll also send you information about current trends from our audience, and a summary of our news. You are welcome to unsubscribe or change your preferences anytime, and there is a link in the email to enable you to do this.

We exist to serve educators and students, and we reserve the right to refuse to share information which we feel is not beneficial to students in their careers decision making process. 

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