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Scholarships for Students Experiencing Financial Difficulty

Going to university can be really expensive – not only do you need to think about course fees, there’s also the cost of textbooks, technology, travel to and from campus or accommodation fees, and more. It can be easy to be put off studies because of the cost, but there is help out there. Lots of universities offer scholarships for students experiencing financial difficulty.


Who is eligible?


To be eligible for one of these scholarships, you’ll need to be experiencing some kind of financial hardship. This can be that your parents are facing financial difficulty, or yourself if you’re independent. Some universities will specify an exact amount you need to be earning less than, while others test on a case-by-case basis.

There are different ways universities verify your eligibility, but it’s usually done by seeing whether you receive means-tested Centrelink benefits, or by providing a statutory declaration.


Top scholarships for students experiencing financial difficulty


If you’re facing financial disadvantage and are looking for a scholarship to help, here are some of the best ones we’ve found:

University of Newcastle Ma & Morley Scholarship Program – this scholarship has a special category for people who have faced educational disadvantage, including financial difficulties. It’s worth up to $75,000 and includes a China immersion experience.

Griffith Chancellor’s Scholarships – worth between $11,000 and $22,000, these scholarships are designed to help students who have faced financial and educational struggles.

UAC Equity Scholarships – a large suite of scholarships available from many different unis designed to help students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Deakin Student Support Scholarship – offers up to $10,000 per year for students facing financial difficulty.

SATAC Equity Scholarships – scholarships for students in financial need studying at the University of South Australia.


You can find lots more scholarship opportunities on our database here.


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