Scholarships for regional and rural students

If you live far away from the nearest university, it might seem like the costs of moving town are too much. Thankfully, universities and other institutions recognise this, and provide scholarship opportunities tailored to people living in regional and rural areas. So if you think it’s too expensive to move away for university, think again.

Am I eligible for a regional or rural scholarship?

Regional and rural scholarships are, as the name suggests, available to people who live in regional and rural areas. Each scholarship provider will give details of what they consider ‘regional’ or ‘rural’ in their eligibility criteria. You will usually need to have lived or studied in an area classed as regional or remote for a certain period of time.

Not only do these scholarships support you to move away from home, but some also assist with staying in regional and remote areas – providing more incentive for people to study and work where jobs are needed most.

Why should I apply for a regional or rural scholarship?

There are lots of reasons you might want to apply for a regional or remote scholarship:

  1. Financial assistance: This is generally the main reason you’ll apply for a scholarship. The money can go towards things like tuition and study expenses, moving costs, accommodation, or other expenses.
  2. Accommodation assistance: Sometimes regional and remote scholarships come with bonus perks, such as priority access to accommodation or discounted rates.
  3. Development opportunities: Some scholarships are designed to encourage students to study and work in regional and remote areas, and come with bonuses including exclusive events, development workshops, and career counselling.

While some scholarship applications can be competitive, there are often hundreds of scholarships that go unawarded each year because nobody applies – there’s no harm in giving it a go.

5 regional and rural scholarships to check out

Here are some regional and rural scholarships we’ve found that you might like to take a look at:

You can also search our Scholarships Database for tons more scholarships, or contact the university of your choice and ask about scholarships.


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