Scholarship FAQs

We talk a lot on Study Work Grow about scholarships, and for a good reason – they’re a great means of support for your future, whether you need help covering costs, want access to bonus perks, or would like to grow your professional networks. But they can also be confusing at times. So in this blog we’re going to provide a brief overview of scholarships, then dive into some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What are scholarships?

Scholarships are essentially financial gifts. They can come from various sources, such as educational institutions, private organisations, or even local businesses. You can use the money to cover a wide range of different things, from textbooks and accommodation to tuition fees and travel costs.

What benefits can scholarships give me?

Scholarships sometimes offer more than money. Here are some of the other benefits you might receive:

  • Priority access to courses and accommodation
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Exclusive events and workshops
  • Academic and career support
  • Connections with industry and alumni
  • Travel and exchange opportunities
  • And more!

Scholarship FAQs

Now that we know a bit about what scholarships are, let’s answer some questions that students often have.

Do scholarships exclusively cover tuition?

Not necessarily – scholarships can cover various expenses, including tuition, textbooks, accommodation, and even living costs, depending on the scholarship. Check the benefits carefully to see what they can and can’t be used for.

Is it possible to apply for multiple scholarships?

Absolutely! In fact, applying for multiple scholarships is encouraged. You’ll have a better chance of receiving one, and in many cases you can actually accept multiple scholarships.

When should I start applying for scholarships?

We recommend you begin your scholarship search as early as your junior year in high school. Many scholarships have early deadlines, so it never hurts to get in early.

Can I still get a scholarship if I don’t have good grades?

Yes. Many scholarships consider a wide range of factors other than academic ability, including community involvement, leadership, financial need, disability, rurality, sporting achievements, unique talents, and more.

Are there scholarships for non-traditional students or adults returning to study?

Yes, there are scholarships out there specially tailored to non-traditional students and adults returning to school, making higher education accessible to a everyone.

Do I need to repay scholarships if I change my major or don’t complete my degree?

It depends. It’s important to always carefully read and understand the terms of a scholarship before you accept. Some may require repayment or be cut off if you don’t meet certain conditions, such as completing your degree within a specified time or maintaining a certain GPA.

Can international students apply for scholarships?

Yes, many scholarships are open to both domestic and international students. Eligibility criteria can vary, so don’t forget to review the requirements for each scholarship before you apply.

Are there scholarships specifically for students pursuing vocational or trade programs?

Absolutely. These scholarships might help to cover costs that university students don’t have, such as tools, uniforms, protective gear, and travel expenses.

Where can I find out more about scholarships?

If you have more questions about scholarships or are ready to apply, you can read more blogs and search for opportunities on our website here.


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