Roles in Disaster Relief

Unfortunately there have been lots of natural disasters happening recently, and over the past few years in Australia. If you’re wondering how you might be able to help, there are lots of jobs and volunteer roles where you can make a difference.


Jobs in Disaster Relief


If you want a career in Disaster Relief, there are a variety of different roles to look into. From management and office work, to being on the ground while an emergency is happening, there’s something for everyone.


Disaster Management Officer


Disaster Management Officers assist in creating plans for when a disaster happens, coming up with strategies to limit the impact of disasters, as well as communicating with the public to raise awareness about disaster management and prevention.

Many local councils and government bodies will employ people as Disaster Management Officers. You could also work for an external company that provides advice to other businesses and the community.

This role is perfect for people who are passionate about helping the community, and can make decisions quickly under pressure. You’ll typically be doing most of your work in offices.

You can check out our Disaster Management Officer Job Spotlight here.


Fire and Emergency Services


If you want a more hands-on role, this one could be perfect for you. During emergencies, firefighters and emergency workers are on the ground to protect lives and property. Your roles will vary depending on what kind of disaster you are responding to, such as fires, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, or more.

To work in this role, you’ll need great physical and mental strength, as well as a strong commitment to both the job and your community.

You can read more about working in Fire and Rescue in Queensland here. You can also take a look at our Job Spotlight on becoming a Firefighter.


Volunteer roles


If you want to help but can’t commit to a full-time job, there are also lots of volunteer roles where you can make a difference.


Volunteer with your local SES


Volunteering with the State Emergency Service is a great way to get out there and assist your community in a disaster. There are usually lots of different kinds of roles you can volunteer for – you might be helping out alongside emergency workers, creating disaster prevention plans with the council, helping deliver sandbags to areas preparing for floods, or cleaning up after storms.

In many states you can volunteer with the SES once you turn 16, but you might need permission from your parents or guardians.

See more about becoming an SES volunteer in your state or territory:

You can also find lots of other different volunteering roles through Volunteering Australia.


Other ways to help


There are lots of other ways you can help your community and the people around you in a disaster as well. You can help by donating money, donating clothes and other goods, making food to give out to emergency workers and those in need, and even just checking in with your neighbours and friends to make sure they’re ok.


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