Resources to help with Year 10 subject selection

Are you heading into senior school and needing to select the subjects you’ll be taking in those crucial final years? We know it can all seem a bit daunting – that’s why we’ve put together some useful resources to help with your Year 10 subject selection options. Take a look.

Before you do anything else…

First of all, we recommend you ask your teachers what information your school provides. They’ve been doing this for a long time and have probably heard any question you could possibly ask, so they’ll more than likely have heaps of ways they can help.

You might also like to read former Australian Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s advice to Julie in Year 10. It could put you in the right mindset and help you prioritise better.

Resources to help with Year 10 subject selection

There are lots of experts out there with information and tools that could help you with subject selection. If think you need more guidance, check these resources out.

Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs)

As the people in charge of university admissions, TACs have lots of information that can help you choose the rights subjects for your dream degree. Take a look at these resources:

  • QTAC publishes the My Path Guide for Year 10 Students – scroll down to find the link to download the most recent version.
  • UAC’s Steps to Uni Guide provides a handy list of things to go through when considering your subejcts. You can also check out Subject Compass tool, which can help match subjects with your interests and future study preferences.
  • VTAC has a handy Year 10 Guide that goes through tertiary study options, ATARs, prerequisites, scaling, and more.
  • SATAC provides information for students in Years 10 and 11.
  • TISC will be publishing their Guide to University Admission 2027 in May – keep an eye out for it here (look under the tab called “WACE Students”).
  • UTAS have information on their website for students in Year 10 and below, plus more handy info on their ATAR admissions page.


Lots of universities provide information about Year 10 subject selection and pathways to university. Here are a few that we’ve found:

Keep in mind some of this information is only relevant for gaining entry to a course at the university that made the guide, so make sure you check prerequisites and advice available for any other specific courses and institutions you have in mind.

Calling the future students office at individual universities with any questions can also be a great way to help you decide on which subjects to take.

Education Departments

All education departments provide resources for Year 10 subject selection, but you’re best speaking directly with your school for more detailed information. Nonetheless, it could still be worth taking a peek at the information provided by other states too – they sometimes have resources you might find more appealing or informative.

Still need more information?

Each year at Study Work Grow, we put together a handy guide and workbook to walk you through the subject selection process and take away the pressure. You can purchase a copy from our bookshop, or if your school has a membership, you can grab them from your Pathways Hub.

We also have lots of other blogs on study on our website here.


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