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Resources for Parents of Teens

Parenting can be really rewarding, but it can also be tricky, and occasionally really hard. So it’s understandable that sometimes parents want to seek out support or advice.

With access to the internet and social media, sometimes all that advice can seem a bit overwhelming and finding the right experts becomes a minefield.


How to find reliable resources for parents of teens


There are lots of self-appointed experts out there. From other parents, to authors of guides or books who’ve done a bit of research of their own. Are they really anymore of an ‘expert’ than you though? Probably not.

Before you consider taking anyone else’s advice or following them for help, there’s a few things that could identify them as bona fide experts in the field of parenting teens.

You could check:

  • Their qualifications –  A tertiary qualification accredited by education, social work, or psychology association or organisation is one thing to look for if you’re not sure.
  • Peer recognition – Do other experts in the field recommend them or share their work?
  • Publications – Have they published lots of material in different forms, not just blogs and podcasts. Look for papers, books and other scholarly works.
  • Hands on work – Do they  work in any of the fields we mentioned in the qualification section (or have they in the past)? You want to know that their advice is tried and tested.


Here’s our list of top Resources for Parents of Teens


To save you a bit of time and to get you off on the right foot, here’s a list of some resources that we’ve compiled:


Experts in their field


Maggie Dent is a well-known author, educator, parenting and resilience specialist who has a particular interest in the early years and adolescence. You could start with the Raising Adolescents page on her website, or scroll through some of the podcasts on her Parental As Anything podcasts.


Dr Justin Coulson the founder of Happy Families offers plenty of advice about parenting for children of all ages.


Michelle Mitchell has been an educator, counsellor, and mentor to children and teens. She has a great library of blogs, videos and podcasts available on her website.


You can access the blogs for parents on Dr Kristy Goodwin’s website, she’s a leading digital wellbeing & productivity expert. On her website she also offers a number of masterclasses and has a portal that you can access to online – these options attract a fee.


Dr Kenneth Wilgus is a licensed psychologist and is the creator of the Feeding the Mouth the Bites You workshop and book. He also contributes to Focus on the Family with a number of teen focused podcasts and articles.


Michael Carr-Gregg is a well-known psychologist and author. You can find heaps of resources on his website and you can book consultations with him too.


Blogs, groups, help lines and more


There are dozens more blogs covering all kinds of topics on Parenting Ideas, they’re produced by a panel of contributors who you can read about here.


Reach Out is an Australian based online mental health service focusing on young people and their parents. They produce self-help content, community forum, one-on-one support, and there are hotlines you can call if you need some extra or immediate support.


Raising Children is an Australian website. They provide parenting videos, articles and apps backed by Australian experts. They have a whole Teen page with sections addressing: behaviour, communicating and relationships, development, entertainment and technology, family life, healthy lifestyles, mental and physical health, school, education and work; and more.


Check out Seriously Social’s Family and Relationships Channel, it’s an initiative of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. All of their content claims to be fact checked and reviewed by experts.


Other experts


Don’t forget about the experts around you.

GP’s, your child’s school teachers and counsellors are also great sources of information and support.

You could google “Teen Psychologists” and find someone locally who may offer consultations or provide advice. Many offer online sessions as well.

All of the resources and experts we’ve listed above are Australian based. But there are hundreds of other experts from around the world who address teen issues, that you could look to or follow as well.

If you know of any other useful resources, we’d love to hear about them. You can email us at and we’ll make sure we share it with other parents out there.


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