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What’s the #1 reason you’re considering a Gap Year?
  • I’m not sure what I want to do with my life
  • I need a break
  • I’m looking for ‘real-world’ experiences
  • I want to travel (and I want it now)
How do you feel about leaving school?
  • Terrified
  • Haven’t really thought about it yet
  • Can’t wait
  • I think I’ll be ready by the time I finish Year 12
Are your friends are taking a Gap Year?
  • Yes, all of them
  • Some are, some aren’t
  • I’m the only one
How much parental pressure are you facing?
  • They’re cool
  • They want me to go to uni now
  • They’re afraid if I have a Gap Year I won’t go to uni
  • They’re pressuring me to take some time off
Does a Gap Year fit with your long term plans?
  • Of course, I’m going to use my experience to springboard my career
  • I think it’ll help because I’ll gain experience
  • Not really, it’s more of an escape from the pressure
  • No, but I’m not sure what else to do
Can you afford it?
  • Yes – my family are covering the cost
  • I’m planning on working to get through
  • I’m not sure
How much travel experience do you have?
  • None, I’ve never left the state
  • Limited to Australia (and Bali)
  • I’ve been travelling internationally since I was three
Are you willing to work for it?
  • YES
  • Planning needs to fit in around school and my job
  • I’m happy to go if someone else organises it for me
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