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More resources to help you teach, communicate, and inspire

You already know how helpful our newsletters, guides, Job Spotlights and free School Careers Websites are.

But how do you teach careers effectively without the right materials and frameworks? That’s where the Education Programs in Essentials comes in. 

  • Ponder Program with 40-lessons for Years 7-12 (Year 13/Sixth Form)
  • Career Clusters Student Quiz for helping them discover their cluster
  • NEW Ready to Work Program for teaching career readiness to Years 9-11
  • NEW Pathways Explorer Tool for starting engaging conversations with your students

Combined with our exclusive Pathways Packs, it’s everything you need to be a leading educator in your school setting.

You've already got these fantastic resources

Essentials gives you access to all of the tools you’ve currently got in your Standard/Lite Membership with us (or if you’re on a free trial), including weekly news and weekly Job Spotlights, PDF Student Guides, and your free custom school careers website.  

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

But you'll also get three new Education Programs too

Career Education at your school is going to get very exciting. 

The Ponder Program

Easily make career education a part of your school week

The Ponder Program is designed to seamlessly fit in with your curriculum, timetable, and resourcing – no matter how your school likes to do things. 

There are 40 weeks of lessons that help students build core career management competencies, such as how to make decisions, where to look for allies and feedback, and how to understand Labour Market Information. 

Each weekly lesson can be delivered in just 5 to 10 mins by a non-careers teacher, or extended out to a full 40 to 60 minute Careers Lesson with your expertise. All you need to do is open the PowerPoint slides, play the short animated video, and follow our notes for a fantastic conversation. 

Career Education Resources with Ponder

NEW: Ready to Work Program (Coming late February 2024)

Give your students everything they need for that first day at work

Career Counsellors have often told us that students need to learn the basic steps to get their first part-time job, cadetship/traineeship, or work placement; but there isn’t a good structure available for teaching this.

So we created Ready to Work – a brand new program that’s free for Essentials Members. In the Teaching Guide and Student Workbook, you’ll have everything you need to teach students how to: 

  • Find a job (or similar work-related role)
  • Communicate effectively with employers
  • Write a resume/CV and apply for a job
  • Attend and complete an interview
  • Get started at their chosen work

It’s hours and hours of hard work, compiled for you into one step-by-step teaching framework with everything you need to get them job-ready. 

The Career Clusters

Help students understand their Vocational Identity

Research shows that there are common traits, tasks, and ways of working that go beyond industries or jobs. 

So when we shift our focus from “which job” or “which industry”, to “Which Cluster?”, career conversations instantly become much more approachable and exciting for students. And that’s exactly what the Career Clusters Student Quiz and Resources can help you do.

This program includes a Teaching Guide with flexible lesson options, a Student Workbook, the online Career Cluster Quiz and Results Profiles.

PLUS you'll also get access to the NEW Pathways Explorer tool (coming soon)

Make career conversations flow the easy way with the new Pathways Explorer Tool. 

Designed to work in conjunction with the Career Clusters or as a standalone resource, the online Pathways Explorer tool is designed to get students thinking, exploring, and talking about possibilities. With 8 Interest Areas + 120 Pathways to explore, and a Print-at-School Card Set, it’s going to become your new favourite tool at school.

Commended for use by Schools

The Ponder Program was “strongly recommended” by the independent CDAA reviewer as achieving every assessment criteria for Content, Credibility, Originality, Usefulness, Currency, Value & Accessibility.

Which means you can purchase the Ponder Program for your school with confidence.

Teachers love their Essentials Membership

“The services you provide are such good value for the subscription, and I congratulate the whole team on the resources you compile. You are virtually a one-stop careers shop!” 

Elisabeth Wells ALIATec – Senior School Information Services
Blue Mountains Grammar School

“I’ve had a look a the Ponder Program and am glad I subscribed as the resources look great. The online lessons are certainly engaging.” 

Lyn Druery – Careers Advisor
Immanuel Lutheran College

“Thanks for all the awesome resources – the Ponder / SWG treasure chest is simply brilliant!!”

Adam McNamara – Pathways Coach
Caroline Chisholm College

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