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Find out all the options in the new 2024 Early Entry Guide

Make the Early Entry process seamless for your students this year with our application guide for Australian universities

Simplify Early Entry for everyone

Getting into the right university course can be one of the most stressful things on a Year 12 student’s mind. 

So the last thing they need is a complicated process to follow when it comes to choosing and applying for an early entry offer. That’s why the Career Education team at Study Work Grow produce specialised student guides each year – with all of the info they need about Early Entry, all in an easy step-by-step way.  

Guide to university Early Entry Australia 2024
Everything in one PDF

Now in it’s 6th annual edition, the Study Work Grow Early Entry Guide has everything you and your students need in it – all in easy to share format

Make good decisions

It’s not just about what courses, it’s about whether it’s right for each individual student too. We help demistify the process so students can make a good decision

Early Entry Guide 2024
All so easy to explain

The guide is so well designed that you can share it with students or parents/carers and they can do it all themselves from there

"This document is a lifesaver! I'm finding that Early Entry is fast becoming the main topic that both my students and parents want to know about!"

All 45 Australian university programs are included for you

The Early Entry Guide gives you the latest information for this year’s university programs, as well as dates, eligibility, and the university’s website links as well. 

Why is that great? Well, it gives you a ‘frisbee-like’ PDF resource you can easily share – saving you over 20 hours work while turning you into a pathways superstar at your school this year. 

Early Entry Guide 2024

Get the Early Entry Guide at no cost, and enjoy 3 month's access to our Communication Tools

(We’re a generous bunch at Study Work Grow)

As part of trying our Early Entry resources this year, you’ll also get a Lite Membership with time-saving Weekly Newsletters, 8 x Student Pathways Guides for common questions, 200+ Job Spotlights profiling different careers, and a customised Careers Website for your school. 

These are a fabulous way to ensure your students, parents, and educators have access to comprehensive careers & further study info, so you can spend less time creating content, and more time doing what you do best. 

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

You'll (absolutely) love working with us

"I keep finding new things all the time that I can use which is awesome! (It's like a [good] Pandora's box!)

"This looks very impressive! [Careers Websites] Thank you for all of the work! I appreciate how quickly you have responded to all my questions. Fantastic service."

"Thank you for all your great work, the myriad of resources is wonderful"

"I am looking forward to the new initiatives you have coming out this year - for a small team, you do incredible work!"

Lucy Sattler SWG

"We hope this helps you inform your students while also making things easier for you too.

I welcome you to openly explore all of the resources you'll get with this guide - i'm sure you'll be happy you tried it"

Lucy Sattler SWG

Access the Early Entry Guide and try Study Work Grow at no cost

We guarantee you’ll enjoy being part of our careers community. Here’s a quick recap of what’s included: 

Early Entry Guide + Communication Tools

Full access to our quality, evidence-based career education resources co-designed with schools, including:

  • New Early Entry Guide with all currently available offers for your students to apply to 

Plus, you’ll get everything in our Lite Membership:

  • Custom School Careers Website
  • 8+ Student Guides
  • 200+ Job Spotlights
  • Researched Weekly News (all states & territories)

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