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Make Subject Selection easier than ever in 2024

Take the mystery and confusion out of Subject Selection this year with engaging resources your students (and parents) will thank you for

Inspire big dreams (and great subject choices)

Subject Selection isn’t just about choosing a set of subjects for Senior or for Years 9/10. 

It’s about preparing for a future that young people might not be ready for. That’s why our career practitioner-designed subject selection materials are aimed at helping students uncover their career aspirations as part of the process, even if they can’t clearly identify them right now.  

Designed to be step-by-step, with a NEW Subject Selection Calculator, Guide, and Workbook – you’ll easily inspire great subject choices while helping them think about the bigger picture.

Subject Selection Calculator

Students can explore all of the interests, workplaces, and preferences they have and then explore the Subjects that will get them there (NEW for 2024)

Subject Selection Guide

A great resource for teachers, students, and parents, the Subject Selection Guide connects common subjects to real-world labour market information 

Subject Selection Workbook

Perfect for either a class or individual activity, the Subject Selection Workbook helps students consider their goals, interests, and motivations as part of the process

"Your subject selection guide is an excellent tool!"

NEW Subject Selection Calculator

Discover Pathways (and the Subjects that will get them there)

Most of the stress in choosing senior subjects is about making a wrong decision. 

And that’s because most 15 year olds (and many 40 year olds) don’t know what they want to do with their lives. 

So the Subject Selection Calculator is designed to help them see possible pathways they might be interested in, and the subjects they could study to get there. 

SUBJECT Selection Calculator
SUBJECT Selection Calculator
Study Work Grow Subject Selection Guide 2024

2024 Subject Selection Guide

Explore Subjects, their Clusters, and Labour Market Info

The NEW 2024 Subject Selection Guide is designed to help students ‘connect the dots’ between the subjects they could choose and a range of real-world jobs they’ll need them for. 

It even has the Career Cluster and Labour Market Info (LMI) such as:  

  • Growth in the field (demand for this role)
  • How many people work in this field (in Australia)
  • Median Australian Salary 

These things are important for students to consider, because in reality, not everyone can become a Doctor, Psychologist, or Marine Biologist. The guide helps them get perspective, so they can make good decisions about their future. 

Study Work Grow Subject Selection Guide 2024

Subject Selection Workbook

Choose subjects they'll enjoy studying

The new Subject Selection Calculator is a great introduction to pathways and subjects, the Subject Selection Workbook takes that so much further, with a detailed, step-by-step look at their:

  • Goals for the future
  • Things they enjoy 
  • Motivations and what drives them
  • Interests – what do they like?
  • Plans A, B, and C
  • Why they would choose certain subjects 
With all of those things written down, they can then choose subjects confidently – aligned with who they are, and what they enjoy. 
Subject Selection Workbook 2024
Subject Selection Workbook 2024

Watch the Subject Selection Webinar here

Our Career Practitioner, Lucy Sattler talks about how you can help students choose subjects effectively and about the new 2024 materials for schools. It’s approximately 26 mins in length, so if you don’t have time to watch all of it now, just copy this link and watch it later

Quality subject selection resources based on research

(We’ve been doing this for a while).

Starting back in 2019 with our first Subject Selection Guide, Study Work Grow have been the Australian leaders in helping educators make a difference each year. With 5 years of annual innovations, extensive world-wide research into the latest best practice, and countless feedback from Career Advisors in hundreds of secondary schools, the new 2024 materials are ready to help you.

We’ll even send you a free copy of our popular Report into Subject Selection that details our research into this field. 

Like to revamp Subject Selection at your school? Then let’s get you set up today for free.

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As part of trying our Subject Selection resources this year, you’ll also get a Lite Membership with time-saving Weekly Newsletters, 12 x Student Pathways Guides for common questions, 200+ Job Spotlights profiling different careers, and a customised Careers Website for your school. 

These are a fabulous way to ensure your students, parents, and educators have access to comprehensive careers & further study info, so you can spend less time creating content, and more time doing what you do best. 

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

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We guarantee you’ll love being part of our careers community. Here’s a quick recap of what’s included, free for 3 months: 

Subject Selection Materials + Communication Tools

Full access to our quality, evidence-based career education resources co-designed with schools, including:

  • New Subject Selection Calculator for quickly connecting pathways with subjects
  • 2024 Subject Selection Guide with comprehensive Labour Market Info & Career Cluster connections
  • 2024 Subject Selection Workbook to help students choose subjects they’ll enjoy 

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  • Custom School Careers Website
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