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Get your students job-ready with Ready to Work

The all-in-one career education program for secondary schools that helps students to find, secure, and maintain their first job

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Make the annual process of preparing your students as easy as 1-2-3

From working with over 1,600 Australian school careers advisors, we know that teaching middle and senior students how to be job-ready is a challenge each year. Essential things like finding the right job, writing an effective resume, and what to expect on your first day. 

They’re all common topics, but the problem is there hasn’t been an easy or consistent way of teaching them. 

Until Ready to Work came along…

Watch the Ready to Work Webinar here

Our Career Practitioner, Lucy Sattler talks about the Ready to Work Program and how it’s designed. It’s 30 mins in length, so if you don’t have time to watch all of it now, just copy this link and watch it later

A flexible careers program that covers the key topics you need to teach

Built on the huge success of the Ponder Program, Ready to Work is the career practitioner-designed structure that’s perfect for teaching job readiness to your students. 

Delivered across up to 10 lesson units, it includes critical topics such as:

  • How to find a job
  • How to communicate with employers
  • How to apply for a job
  • How to prepare a resume
  • How to complete an interview
  • How to start working
 Plus there are optional lessons you can deliver that enhance the learning even further:
  • Senior Student Panel
    Getting your older students with casual/part-time jobs to be part of a question-and-answer panel for your younger students.
  • Mock Interviews
    This is a fantastic opportunity to put theory into practice for the students with real people from your school, school community, or local employers. All with instructions, questions, and a rubric to follow.
  • Graduation and Employer Session
    Celebrate your students and give them exposure to potential employers with a special event to mark the program’s completion.

By giving you best-practice teaching materials to follow, you can ensure your students are prepared and ready to enter the workforce.

Pick it up and start teaching in just 5 minutes
(in any school setting)

Ready to Work is designed in such a simple format, it’s a wonder why no one has done it before. In the program materials, you’ll get:

Teaching Guide

A 34-page Teaching Guide that covers everything you need to know (including delivery options), as well as 10 lessons that have slides, videos, activities, and instructions.

Student Workbook

A Student Workbook with activities that supplement your lessons – with both digitally-editable and print-friendly versions to suit your teaching style.


Student Certificate

Upon successful completion, you can award your students with a certificate that gives a great first impression (and reduces many of the concerns employers have around hiring young people).

It also has a Professional Development (PD) course you can follow

We know that educators love to learn (it’s why you’re in the profession to start with), but it’s important that you can also show how many hours of professional development you’ve done.

Even though PD can cost schools upwards of $100 to $200 per hour, we’ve designed a free two-hour professional learning course comprising six ‘sprint lessons’ with a Certificate of Completion to show that you’re staying up-to-date.

With no additional costs, it’s something your school leaders will be happy to hear.

Here is lesson one, so you can see how fabulous it is:

What's behind our Find, Secure, and Maintain structure?

Here is a brief overview of the program structure and what each section covers:

Before they can even start applying for jobs, students need to know how and where to find them. 

They’ll learn how to stay open to opportunities, identify potential sources of work, and then proactively seek out jobs that meet their needs.

Once a potential job has been identified, the next step is to secure it.

Students will learn how to prepare and communicate with employers, while also understanding it from an employers’ perspective too.

Workplace dynamics, fulfilling role expectations, developing work ethic – it’s all part of every job they’ll do, including the first one.

The program even has Participation Requirements as well, so you can simulate job expectations such as punctuality, equipment handling, behaviour, and safety, while you’re teaching the course. Great hey?

Ready to Work is all part of Essentials

You can’t have an impact at school without great materials to help you teach and share. That’s why we have an Essentials Membership – giving you everything you need to ensure career education at your school is amazing.

You’ll get weekly & monthly Communication Tools for supporting your school community:

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

Plus full access to our best-practice Education Programs that make teaching easier at school:

The Ponder Program

Deliver Career Education easily

The Ponder Program is designed to seamlessly fit in with your curriculum, timetable, and resourcing – no matter how you like to do things. 

There are 40 weeks of lessons that help students build core career management competencies, like how to make decisions, where to look for allies, and how to understand Labour Market Information. 

Each weekly lesson can be delivered in just 5 mins by a non-careers teacher (with your supervision), or extended out to a full 40 to 60 minute Careers Lesson. All the teacher needs to do is open the PowerPoint, play the short, animated (and engaging) video, and follow our notes. 

Career Education Resources with Ponder

Ready to Work (this is what you've been reading about)

Give your students everything they need for that first day at work

We created Ready to Work to make it simple to deliver practical job-readiness topics that you have to teach each year.

In the Teaching Guide and Student Workbook, you’ll have everything you need to show students how to: 

  • Find a job (or similar work-related role)
  • Communicate effectively with employers
  • Write a resume/CV and apply for a job
  • Attend and complete an interview
  • Get started at their chosen work

It’s hours and hours of work, compiled for you into one step-by-step teaching framework worth $550.00 that you’ll get for free with Essentials.

The Career Clusters

Help students understand their Vocational Identity

When we shift our focus from “which job” or “which industry”, to “Which Cluster?”, career conversations instantly become much more approachable and exciting for students. And that’s exactly what the Career Clusters Student Quiz and Resources can help you do.

By helping students find out which Cluster(s) they are in, it make it much easier for them consider their next step beyond school. 

This program includes a Teaching Guide with flexible lesson options, a Student Workbook, and the online Career Cluster Quiz to help you positively change the way you talk about careers. 

It’s all included in an Essentials Membership

An Essentials Membership is designed to be affordable for schools, while also loaded with value. 

So Ready to Work isn’t something you have to pay extra for, it’s just included instead. That way you can get on with teaching, guiding, and counselling. We’re just here to help you do that. 

Who is Study Work Grow?

We're a student-focused, school-funded Social Enterprise

If you haven’t heard of us, that’s totally ok.

Study Work Grow has been quietly growing in popularity with Australian educators since 2018 and now more than 1-in-5 Australian secondary school careers advisors use our paid programs (and several hundred more accessing our free resources).

Being a social enterprise means we reinvest our profits into making better products for you, while keeping programs affordable.

 Study Work Grow:
  • Is funded by schools
  • Is data security approved by each State & Territory
  • Doesn’t sell data to third parties (ever)
  • Has an in-house (and very friendly) support team

All of the good things you need in an education provider.

We’re also Members of Australia’s top industry organisations for Career Education:

The Ponder Program is also Industry Commended

Ponder has been thoroughly reviewed by the Career Development Association of Australia and was “strongly recommended” for commendation by their independent assessor – meaning you can choose the Ponder Program for your school with the reassurance that it’s a quality education program.

Make an impact with Essentials

Educators love how we help them to have thriving career education programs in their schools – and we hope you’ll soon be letting us know how much you love our programs too.

"Thanks for all the awesome resources - the Ponder/SWG treasure chest is simply brilliant!"

"We will definitely be continuing with the membership. I find some much value in what you put together. It would be impossible to do this job well and put all that information together"

"Your newsletters and resources are so well researched and full of relevant & important information, they are so great in my opinion. It would be a massive job to collect and curate this level of data and provide it for schools"

(Everyone loves receiving goodies)

Subscribe today and get a Career Kit included

To get your new membership off to a great start, you’ll also receive a big pack of print materials and goodies in the mail to your school.

  • A3 Posters for your walls
  • Career Cluster Posters in A4
  • Job Spotlight Brochures in A5 for your office or library
  • And a Lanyard, Pin, and a Tim Tam

Why are we sending these?

We know that Careers & Pathways are often ‘hidden’ at school, so these materials will help you and your new Careers Programs become more visible.

Are you Ready for Essentials?

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We’ll also send your Career Kit in the mail – welcome on board. 

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