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Make careers communication easy

A Lite Membership gives you everything you need to make a positive impact in your careers program at school. 

Try it, use it, and enjoy it for 3 months at no cost.

Helping you be a careers superstar at school

Career counsellors love sharing careers & pathways info with students, but they often don’t have the time to create them.

That’s why our Lite Membership is so popular – because it has everything you need to start conversations, support students, and communicate with parents in a way that suits you and your school setting.

Resources to Share

Easily engage your students and parents with bright, easy-to-edit careers resources that are ready to share

A Comprehensive Careers Website

Your Pathways Hub puts everything in the one place for your school community, including guides, news, online learning, and quizzes

PD to help you Shine

Access on-demand Professional Learning and member-only sessions that cover a range of career education and development topics

"Thank you for your newsletters and guides, they make working in careers much easier, like having another career prac. in the office."

Share Job Spotlights, Guides, and News

Start better conversations

Research shows that good career conversations are more important than anything else in careers & guidance. 

With a Lite Membership, you can get back your weeknights and weekends preparing news and career information resources, and share our beautifully designed and researched materials instead. 

  • Over 200 Job Spotlights in PDF to download and share
  • 15 Student Guides each year about common careers topics like Subject Selection, Work Experience, and Applying to Uni
  • Plus curated news in a Word Document format you can rebrand as yours, or ‘slice & dice’ to add to your own news

All up, you can expect to save at least 2-5 hours per week of research and collation, and your school community will be impressed with the quality of the materials you’re sharing. 

Serve your school community

Your careers info, 24x7

Gone are the days of paying for a clunky careers website for your school that’s hard to manage. 

Your Lite Membership includes a school careers website, so you can share information with students, parents, and colleagues while also giving them lots of great info and links to explore.  

Called a Pathways Hub, it gives you:

  • Customised to your school (including logos & colours)
  • Students & Parents can subscribe to our news without a login
  • They can also download our Student Guides & Job Spotlights
  • Publish information, documents, and forms
  • Add Custom Pages too

And make it easy for everyone to contact you – you can even include links to your school/careers appointment booking system too. 

PD to help you Shine

Lead in your role at school

Being a Careers Advisor, Counsellor, or Guidance Officer (or someone who also needs to do this role) can be a challenge at school. And that’s often because you’re the only one there doing it, and sometimes it’s without training or support. 

That’s why we run regular free Professional Development sessions for our member educators to help you stay up-to-date on best practice while also making you feel part of this amazing community of educators.  

Discover their Vocational Identity

You'll also get the Clusters

The Career Clusters is a resource created by Study Work Grow in 2022 to help educators start exciting conversations with students. 

By shifting the focus from “Which job/industry?” to “Which Cluster?”, career conversations instantly become instantly more approachable for students. And that’s exactly what the Career Clusters Student Quiz and Resources can help you do.

This free program includes a Teaching Guide with flexible lesson options, a Student Workbook, the online Career Cluster Quiz and results profiles, plus the Pathways Explorer and other educational tools to help you change the way you talk about careers. 

About Study Work Grow

Your independent, school-funded social enterprise

Some schools have been Study Work Grow members since our beginning (which was waaaaay back in 2006). 

And the reason they keep renewing each year is because they know that our information is both comprehensive and student-friendly. That’s because we’re an innovative social enterprise that’s funded by schools, not industries or third-parties who want to advertise to students.

With resources designed and overseen by a qualified senior Career Development Practitioner, you’ll have everything you need to make a (big) difference in your school. 

Join our 1,000 strong educator community

Educators love how we help them to have thriving career education programs in their schools – and we hope you’ll soon be letting us know how much you love our programs too.

"Your newsletters and resources are so well researched and full of relevant & important information, they are so great in my opinion. It would be a massive job to collect and curate this level of data and provide it for schools"

"We will definitely be continuing with the membership. I find some much value in what you put together. It would be impossible to do this job well and put all that information together"

Still the same great value price as 2009

As a Social Enterprise serving schools, we know that careers budgets can be tight. So even though 15 years have gone by, our Lite Membership is still the same price (just the the value for you has just gone up and up and up).


$ 330 AUD per year
  • Weekly Careers Newsletter
  • (that was it)


$ 330 AUD per year
  • Weekly Careers Newsletter
  • Monthly Guides
  • 200+ Job Spotlights
  • Pathways Hub Website
  • Career Cluster Quiz
  • Subject Selection Calculator
  • Community of Practice
  • Professional Learning
Where some companies have 'shrinkflation', we've gone the opposite way!

"We know we're not right for every school, which is why we give you lots of time to explore and use our resources in your school setting first.

Most educators LOVE their Lite Membership after trying it for 3 months, but we'll let you decide that for yourself"

Lucy Sattler SWG

Start your Lite Membership today at no cost

Let’s get some fabulous careers resources over to you. Here is what’s included: 

Communication Tools

A huge collection of quality, time-saving materials you can share with your school community that we update for you. 

  • Custom School Careers Website
  • 15+ Student Guides
  • 200+ Job Spotlights
  • Researched Weekly News

Plus, you’ll get access to The Career Clusters student quiz and teaching materials – giving your students a great way to start career conversations.

At the end of your trial, a Lite Membership is only AUD $330 ex GST p.a. (it’s crazy affordable because we’ve made it that way).

Simply tell us about your school and we’ll get you set up with online access today. No payment or card needed.

(Membership options are in Step 2).

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Quick Note:  Because many of our educators want to keep their membership when the free period is over, we’ll automatically send a 30-day invoice for AUD $330 ex GST for you so you can pass it to your school office for payment. 

But if you don’t want to continue, that’s totally ok! Just let us know.  

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