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Keep everyone informed with our suite of Communication Tools

A Lite Membership gives you all of the tools and resources to enhance how you communicate about careers & pathways at school (and save you hours of valuable time each week). Try it with 3 months for free at your school today.

Make careers communication easy with beautiful, done-for-you resources

Career counsellors love sharing careers & pathways info with students, but they often don’t have the time to create them.

That’s why our Lite Membership is so popular – with PDFs, online career education tools, weekly email news, and a customisable Careers Website for your school. You get everything you need to start conversations, support students, and communicate with parents in a way that suits you and your school setting.

Weekly Careers News

Easily engage parents and students each week with shareable careers, pathways, and higher education news 

Student Guides & Job Spotlights

Inspire exciting career choices with beautiful PDF and Video materials that make your careers program look fantastic

School Careers Website

Don’t pay separately for a careers website for your school – a Lite Membership includes one for you at no extra cost

"Thank you for your newsletters and guides, they make working in careers much easier, like having another career prac. in the office."

Ready-to-share News

Keep everyone updated

On Monday mornings of each school week, we send out a customisable newsletter document in Microsoft Word that you can edit, rebrand, PDF, and send on to students and parents as your own.

  • Add your school logo
  • Put in any local news/events you wish
  • Remove anything you like
  • PDF and send it

That can save you 2-5 hours per week of research and collation, and your school will be impressed that you’ve produced a helpful & engaging newsletter every week.

P.S. Who created it can stay as our little secret. You’re most welcome.

Student Guides

Build better pathways

Our helpful Student Guides walk students (and their families) through how to do everything from apply to university to getting work experience to exploring gap years. Updated every year, they’re a fantastic way to support your students.

Just share them with students when they have questions – so your one-to-one meetings with can instead be a valuable conversation rather than web searching. 

  • Entry to Medicine
  • Gap Years
  • Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  • Applying to University/College
  • Scholarships
  • and many more

You’re welcome to share these with your students and parents as much as you wish.

200+ Job Spotlight Profiles

Inspire fresh career ideas

Each week you’ll also get a Job Spotlight that profiles a different career – from Computational Biologist to Baker to Drone Pilot to Copywriter – there’s over 200 careers to explore. 

Every Job Spotlight has a PDF brochure, video, and digital landscape poster, so you’ve got a variety of formats to share inspiration with your students.

Free School Careers Website

Career communications, 24/7

  • Your Pathways Hub is a school-branded Careers Website that stores all the information students and their families need in the one place (so you only need one link). 
  • It gives you a central point to collect everything together
  • You can easily refer people to it for answers to many questions and to download things like Pathways Guides
  • It’s fully customisable. Add your own colours and logo, store important (and regularly requested) documents, leave messages, add custom pages, and share a link to your school’s appointment booking platform

Best of all, it’s updated weekly, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it looking fresh.


We're here to lift you up and highlight your role

It's all about helping you be a superstar Career Counsellor

Careers and Pathways are something that happens after school is over. But preparing for it is what happens now

With Study Work Grow supporting what you do at school, you might find that you’ll soon become your students’ favourite teacher (if you’re not already). That’s because you’ll be the one with the exciting conversations, knowledge, and opportunities students love to dream about. They are all things that you can get from joining our member community. 

Let’s help you shine at school today. 

We're independant, unbiased, and inclusive

(And we’ve always been that way).

Some of our school members have been part of our community since before your current Year 12/Sixth Form students were born (yes, since 2006!). And they renew year after year because they know that our information is engaging, student-friendly, safe, and unbiased.  

  • We’re a social enterprise, funded by schools – not industries or third-parties who want to advertise to students
  • Lite Memberships are still the same price they were in 2009 (but with 20x the resources included)
  • Inclusion and diversity is at the centre of all we do, so everyone can feel welcome working with us
  • Our resources are designed or overseen by our qualified senior Career Development Practitioner so you can use them with confidence in your school setting
  • Small or regional schools can get discounted pricing (generally if your total school cohort is less than 150) 

"Your newsletters and resources are so well researched and full of relevant & important information, they are so great in my opinion. It would be a massive job to collect and curate this level of data and provide it for schools"

Join our 1,600 strong
educator community

Educators love how we help them to have thriving career education programs in their schools – and we hope you’ll soon be letting us know how much you love our programs too.

"We will definitely be continuing with the membership. I find some much value in what you put together. It would be impossible to do this job well and put all that information together"

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Yes. We’re a generous bunch at Study Work Grow, so we give you lots of time to explore and see if our service is right for you. At the end of the 3 month trial, we’ll send you an invoice, so if you’re like 90% of educators who want to stay on with us, it’s easy to do so. If not, that’s totally ok – just send our small team a quick email to let us know. 

Career Counsellors tell us that they wished career conversations happened just as often as conversations about maths, science, or humanities. 

Parents are the same (they’re worried that their teenager might ‘end up on the sofa’, rather than making a successful post-school transition). So our Lite Membership gives you all of the time-consuming, day-to-day career tools that your careers program needs. All while saving 100+ hours of work each year in the process. 

We provide news in two different formats – one where students and parents can subscribe for free to our exciting weekly news emails that we curate and send each Monday, plus we provide a researched Microsoft Word Newsletter that you can copy/edit/rebrand as your own to send via email or share on your school’s platforms. 

Some schools encourage signups to save time, while others use our popular Word documents as a basis for their own newsletter to email out. You can even do both if you wish, it’s entirely up to you.  

Yes, you certainly can. 

Whilst it’s not designed to have your own private website domain or to have multiple extra pages added, it does allow you to customise much of the content and branding on the site. This means you have a fully functional careers website that you can leverage for communication at school. 

Your membership will run for 12 months from the date of payment. 

When you request a membership below, we’ll set you up with access and send you a PDF invoice via email with a secure Credit Card payment link (using Stripe). When your membership is due for renewal, we’ll automatically send you a new invoice for the next 12 months so you can continue to receive our service in the future. Nearly all of our schools (over 95%) renew each year and some schools have been with us for more than 10 years. And that’s because we overdeliver on value and support – which is why Career Counsellors love being long-term members. 

Yes. In late 2023, our Lite Membership became available for any secondary school to apply for and access. It is currently provided in English, so if that’s you and your school setting, great – let’s get started.

No. You can share all the resources through your own school intranet and systems, so students don’t need to log in to our website to use the service. 

There are a couple of features (like the Career Cluster Quiz) which take the minimum amount of information possible from students to be able to provide the service, but these are all optional and can be turned off. 

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Note: if you’re one of our new school members in the UK, Canada, USA, NZ, or elsewhere outside of Australia, you’ll only pay AUD $330.00, as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) isn’t applicable to you. 

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