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Created to ensure your students have a modern, clear, and easy template to create their first job-ready resume

Help them get ready for their first job

Writing that first ever resume in high school can seem like a daunting task – with lots of ways of doing it wrong, but just a few good ways to do it right. 

That’s why our free student resume template is designed to make the process simple and easy. 

Step-by-Step Student Resume Writing

Each section of the editable student resume template has simple prompts that explain what to put in each section, so when they reach the end of the page, they’re all done. 

It covers all of the basics, including: 

  • Personal Details
  • Career Statement
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • and Referees
And is all ready to use in your classes.
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"Thanks for all the awesome resources - the Ponder/SWG treasure chest is simply brilliant!"

Designed to give them the best chance of success

When young people are writing a resume for the first time, it’s easy for them to do things that might negatively affect their ability to gain work.

Adding things like non-essential information, too much information, or poor formatting.

PLUS we’ve included example templates too (so you can show your students what a good resume looks like). 

Our free student resume template is designed to be:

One page
Additional pages are often discarded or overlooked, so this template keeps it on one page

Many employers use resume-scanning software, so this template is designed to be readable

Students don’t tend to have a lot of things to highlight yet (such as experience), so this template helps their story shine

Best of all, you’ll get the template in a Microsoft Word-compatible format, so you can adjust it and use it as many times as you like.   

See how we design student resumes

In this video below, you can watch and listen how our Career Practitioner, Lucy Sattler suggests creating a students’ first resume. 

Who is Study Work Grow?

Australia’s #1 Career Education Social Enterprise

Our wildly popular career education resources help careers advisors, career leaders, and school counsellors to effortlessly guide students towards a career path they’ll love. Based on best-practice frameworks, they’re a great way to make career education a fantastic thing at your school. 

Here are some of our programs used in hundreds of secondary schools in Australia, UK, NZ, Canada, and the USA –

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Career Clusters

Help students to think differently about the work they could do through powerful career conversations they’ll love. 

We also create beautiful, time-saving communication tools to help you make a positive impact at school –  

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

These resources are all part of an Essentials Membership with Study Work Grow (we’ll send you some free info about it with your resume template).

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