Inspire fantastic Career Conversations this National Careers Week

“How can we do something fun this year for school Careers Advisors and Parents?”


That’s the conversation we had in the Study Work Grow office this week while planning out new content for this year’s National Careers Week.

We thought of PDF guides (yawn).

We thought of doing some videos (we don’t do TikTok as well as the teenagers do).

And then we thought of putting out our new Career Conversation cards (Yay!).

We know that starting conversations with teens can be difficult – sometimes even getting them to say something other than one-word answers is a challenge. So we thought we’d release our new conversation cards, which are free for any educator to download and use at school. And to help out with introducing it at school/event/evening, we’ve also got a set of slides you can simply put up on a big screen and then guide the conversation with students, parents, and teachers. Too easy.

There are 9 Powerpoint slides…


And Parent & Teacher conversation cards (with instructions)…



All of these you can download, print, and use at school, at NCW events, or at home.

As a Social Enterprise, we produce quality content & resources that are affordable for every school, but we also do a lot of things for free. Which is exactly what the National Careers Week downloads are. (Enjoy!)


Can you do us a favour?

We’d love to see photos of these being used in your school setting – so feel free to post them on social media (we use LinkedIn, but also Facebook & Instagram) and be sure to tag Study Work Grow. We’ll make a nice comment as soon as we hear about it! Thank you.


To get free access to these at your school, simply enter your details below and we’ll send you the downloads you can use digitally, or print out.

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