Case Study: Using the Career Clusters in a Boys School

Careers Advisor Susan Draysey talks about her use of the Career Clusters student quiz and resources in her Year 10 careers program at Trinity Grammar School.

School: Trinity Grammar School [NSW, Anglican System]

Educator: Susan Draysey (Careers and Student Pathways Advisor)

Context: Careers Program runs from Year 10-12 across 730 students, primarily university pathways post-school

“…I love the fact that it’s an activity I can just dive into and use and that I’ve been able to adapt it for the context that I’m delivering in with my Year 10’s”

Study Work Grow member Susan Draysey saw the Career Clusters resources as a great introductory tool to use with her Year 10 students to introduce them to the process of profiling as part of their career education.

Like many institutions, Trinity Grammar School uses detailed psychometric testing/profiling as part of informing and preparing students for their future pathways. But getting students used to that form of testing is challenging, especially the focus needed on their part to consider questions and answer them appropriately.

Susan found that by using the Career Clusters as an introduction for students, they experienced a new way of thinking about who they are, what they are/aren’t interested in, and the outputs that profiling programs give them.

Key Takeaways from using the Career Clusters: 

  • It gave Susan a new way of starting conversations with her students
  • Students were introduced to the concept of career profiling in an easy & quick way (5 minutes instead of 1.5 hours)
  • Students didn’t require a lot of intervention/supervision once they got started on the questions
  • The conversations off the back of the Career Clusters were interesting in that they allowed Susan to explore further with the students about their results
  • She could also use it to show parents as another example of career activities & profiling the school was doing with students
  • She liked that the results of the quiz showed up graphically, in a similar way to the more extensive profile testing they would be embarking on

Thank you to Susan for making the time to talk with us about your use of the Career Clusters – we’re so glad you enjoyed using it in your school careers program.

If you would like to know how you can use these resources in your school setting, take a look at Essentials here.

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