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Supercharge your Career Guidance with NEW UK Career Education resources

Why teach careers the same old way when you can join 60+ UK Secondary Schools who are innovating with Study Work Grow?

It's time to start preparing for next year

We know there’s still much of the academic year to go, but often Summer Term is when most Career Advisors and Career Leaders start getting ready for next year. But will you do things the same way, or could one positive change elevate your careers program to ‘rockstar’ status at school? 

That’s where Study Work Grow comes in. Our UK career education resources give you everything you need to add to your careers provision for fantastic results this year (and next), including: 

The Ponder Program

Get access to one of the world’s most comprehensive career education frameworks for middle & senior school students.

NEW Ready to Work Program

A preparation program for teaching Years 9-11 how to find, secure, and maintain work (starting with their first job)

The Career Clusters

Our popular Student Quiz is used in more than 800 secondary schools in 25 countries (you’ll absolutely love using this)

All Career Practitioner designed, and easily affordable, so you can enjoy THREE new programs to flexibly run (where and how you choose to).

Find out more below >  

Three (3) fantastic programs to use in your UK secondary school

Fair warning, you’ll soon become everyone’s #1 favourite educator (i.e. the ‘Dream Designer’), so be prepared for lots of exciting student conversations.

The Ponder Program

Teach Career Management skills to everyone in 10 mins

Career Education Resources with Ponder

The Ponder Program is designed to seamlessly fit in with your curriculum, timetable, and resourcing – no matter how your school is structured.

  • 40 lesson units that help students build core career management competencies
  • Covers all age groups – from Years 7 to Sixth Form
  • Each weekly lesson can be delivered in just 5-10 mins by a non-careers teacher (even without your supervision)
  • Or extended to a full 40-minute Careers Lesson with your expertise
  • Helps address Gatsby Benchmarks 1-4 

All the educator needs to do is open the PowerPoint slides, play the animated (and engaging) video, and follow our notes. Fantastic career conversations are sure to follow.

Perfect for: Tutor Time, Pastoral Care, PSHE, or set Careers Lessons.

World class curriculum: Ponder is Career Practitioner-designed; uses best-practice concepts drawn from the CDI Framework, Australian Blueprint, and NZ Career Management Competencies; and it’s an approved activity on the CEC Provider Directory (so you can use it in your school setting with confidence).  

Career Education Resources with Ponder

NEW Ready to Work Program

Prepare your students to find, secure, and maintain work

Career Advisors have often told us that their older students need to learn the prepatory steps to get their first part-time job, apply for an apprenticeship/cadetship/traineeship, or work placement, but there’s no good structure available for teaching this.

So we created Ready to Work – a brand new program that’s free for Essentials Members in the UK and helps address Gatsby Benchmark 5. It includes comprehensive lessons on:  

  • Finding a job (or similar work-related role)
  • Communicating effectively with employers
  • Writing a resume/CV and apply for a job
  • Attending and completing an interview
  • Getting started in their chosen work

It’s a step-by-step teaching framework with everything you need to get your students feeling confident and job-ready. 

Perfect for: Careers lessons, extra-curricular activities, risk of disengagement, or as part of a ‘Job Club’ at your school.

The Career Clusters

Help your Year 7 to Sixth Form students understand their Vocational Identity

Research shows that there are common traits, tasks, and ways of working that go beyond industries or jobs (The New Work Mindset, FYA 2016). 

That’s because when we shift our focus from “which job” or “which industry”, to “Which Cluster?”, career conversations instantly become much more approachable for students. And that’s exactly how the Career Clusters Student Quiz and Resources can help. 

By allowing students find out which Cluster(s) they are in, you’ll start a wide range of new conversations around where they might ‘fit’ in the world of work. 

This program (now a global phenomenon) includes:

  • a full Teaching Guide with flexible lesson options
  • Student Workbook for activities
  • Online Career Cluster Quiz and detailed student results profiles
  • plus other educational tools to help you change the way you talk about careers. 

Perfect for: Careers Lesson, End of Term, Block Delivery, Transitions, and one-to-one Guidance sessions. 

The Ponder Program, launched in 2022 and refreshed each year is our No. 1 program (and the key program that most schools build everything else around).  

"Ponder ticks every box on our wish list..."

Several UK schools are already using the career education resources in Ponder – this is what one of them (Geoff Towsey from West Hatch High School) had to say:

Geoff also gave us some 'bullet points' of the things he loves most about Ponder:

The Ponder Program ticks every box on our wish list:

  • Sessions can be delivered during Form (15-20 minutes)
  • Sessions can be easily delivered by any member of staff
  • Resources can be easily adapted and used flexibly
  • Resources provide a clear framework and flow between topics
  • A programme which covers careers and personal development
  • A programme which encourages students to engage in an impactful, yet informal manner

[But] It’s so much more than a “Form Time” session, as I’ve used some of the resources during one-on-one Careers Meetings and for other workshops too! As you know, it’s safe to say I’m a fan. 

We’re so honoured at West Hatch High School to be part of the UK pilot and can’t wait to see everything Study Work Grow goes on to achieve.”

Geoffrey Towsey 
Careers Advisor – West Hatch High School (Northeast of London)

Can these programs work in my educational setting?

(The short answer is YES

They are all CEC Approved Activities 
Every program from Study Work Grow (Ponder, Ready to Work, and the Career Clusters) are approved activities and are available to access via the Careers and Enterprise Company’s Activity Provider Directory

Where are they used? 
Over 600 secondary schools use our paid programs, with an additional 800 globally who use our free programs (including universities, middle schools, and youth-focused organisations). 

Big or Little?
Everything is designed to work beautifully in major metropolitan Comprehensive/Academy/Public Schools right through to tiny rural schools with just a handful of students. They work in schools with multiple Career Practitioners just as well as they do in schools with no careers educator on staff. 

As you can see, we have member schools all over the UK >


Map of UK Schools for Career Education

We work with the best in Career Education

It doesn’t matter how large or small your school is (or how well funded you are), you and your students deserve to work with a quality provider of Career Education Resources. 

Study Work Grow is either a member of or recognised contributor to leading Career Development organisations across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and many others; including the OECD. 

Study Work Grow is GDPR Compliant too (so it’s safe to use in your school setting).


As a UK Essentials Member, you'll also get access to our time-saving Communication Tools

Our wildly popular career education resource collection from our Lite Membership (worth GPB 171) is all included too. 

It gives you researched Weekly News you don’t need to prepare yourself, Student Pathways Guides to help with decisions, Job Spotlights that profile different careers, and a free, customised Careers Website for your school. 

All so you can spend less time creating career education resources & content, and more time offering guidance and pathways support. 

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

All up, it's over £805 worth of membership value for just £399

Why is it so inexpensive?

That’s because Study Work Grow is a Social Enterprise, meaning we return the majority of our profits back into product and program development. And because we’re 100% school-funded, and run for the benefit of schools, we ensure that everything we do is equitable, approachable, student-friendly, and affordable. 

Please note, we’re a small team and do personalised onboarding for every one of our member schools. At most, we can only onboard 50 UK Essentials Member schools before the Summer break – so if you’d like access to plan, explore, and prepare over the holidays, please reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear from you. 

(Everyone loves some goodies)

Subscribe today and get a Career Kit

To get your new membership off to a great start, you’ll also receive a big pack of print materials and goodies in the mail to your school.

  • A3 Posters to brighten up your walls
  • Career Cluster Posters in A4 to introduce the ‘Clusters’
  • Job Spotlight Brochures in A5 for your office or library
  • And Lanyard, Pin, and a Tim Tam (we’re told they’re better than a Penguin biscuit)

Why are we sending these?

We know that Careers & Pathways are often ‘hidden’ at school, so these materials will help you and your new Careers Programs become more visible and start more conversations. 

Make 2024/25 your best year yet

If you’re a UK school (located in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales), you’ll get Summer Term 2024 for free

Having all of this extra time means that you can use this fantastic time of year to build our programs into your school structure, while also helping your careers budget to stretch further.

"I was telling my new team about your amazing program but it seems that I'm preaching to the converted! [Georgina and Ladi] both said how fantastic it is."

"Where has this program been all my life?? This is fantastic!!! All schools need to include this in their Strategic Improvement Planning."

Start using Essentials at your school now for £399 and get Summer Term as a bonus

Getting Essentials is easy – just fill in your details below and we will set up full platform access ASAP

No upfront payment or credit card needed, as you’ll receive a 30-day invoice to pass on to your school office for payment. You’ll get all of Summer Term as a bonus AND a Career Kit sent to you in the mail. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to our UK schools community. 

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