Linking learning with life

Anchor your teaching in real world scenarios that spark awe and expand horizons.
Become an AweHunter and join us as we build something awesome

Our purpose

We want to broaden horizons

Young people are keen to learn and give themselves the best start they can, but the lack the skills to link their learning to a future life they can’t quite imagine just yet, which is why we need to do it for them.

When we connect what happens in the classroom with where it is leading them, students get the point. They engage with learning and can see where it’s leading them, which makes all the difference.

Joining AweHunters gives you the power to broaden their horizons and challenge their thinking before limiting stereotypes set in. 

Join the AweHunters Pilot and be part of something awesome

We’ve designed the first stages of an educational program designed to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Our goal is to create a program that complements your existing teaching strategies and empowers you to inspire your students.

As an educator, your insights and expertise are invaluable. By joining the pilot, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Co-design resources that are engaging, relevant, and easy to use
  • Ensure AweHunters resources help you connect learning to real-world experiences
  • Refine the format and usability of the resources based on your feedback

Your input will directly shape the development of AweHunters, making it a more effective and user-friendly tool for educators worldwide.

Are you an AweHunter?

We’re looking for Career Development Practitioners, teachers, and other educational specialists to be part of the AweHunters pilot. All we ask is that you be engaged in some way in working with students in primary or middle school, up to Grade 8. 

To take part, we’ll ask you to complete a short survey now, and then another one in a few months time, and we’d also like to invite you to share your experiences throughout the pilot by joining a community workshop. 

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