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Preparing for a Future Career in Music

Work experience is undeniably valuable when it comes to preparing for a future career in music. However, in the creative industries, it can sometimes be difficult to find structured work experience opportunities. But don’t fret – there are actually lots of other things you can do to gain valuable experience and start building skills. In this blog, we’ll look at five examples of things you can do to prepare for a future career in music.

Join a Community Band or Choir

By joining a community band or choir, you can develop performance skills and learn to collaborate effectively with others. This experience offers you the chance to work with diverse groups of musicians, ranging from beginners to seasoned performers. It teaches teamwork, discipline, and adaptability. Plus, community groups often perform in various settings, such as local events or charity functions, providing exposure and opportunities for networking.

Volunteer at Music Festivals or Events

Volunteering at music festivals or events allows you to immerse yourself in the industry and gain first-hand experience in running large-scale performances. By assisting with tasks like stage setup, artist management, or ticketing, you can develop organisational skills, learn about event logistics, and witness the behind-the-scenes workings of the music industry. Volunteering can also help you create connections with professionals and other music enthusiasts (and always looks great on a resume too).

Attend Music Workshops and Masterclasses

Participating in music workshops and masterclasses can help to increase musical skills and knowledge. Sessions are often led by renowned musicians and instructors who offer guidance on technique, theory, interpretation, and more. Attending these events allows you to gain valuable insights, refine your craft, and broaden your musical perspectives. You might even have the opportunity to perform in front of your peers, building confidence and stage presence.

Create and Share Music Online

The internet has provided musicians with a vast platform to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience. Creating and sharing music online through platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, or other social media platforms allows you to develop your own unique style and gain exposure. You can also receive feedback from listeners and collaborate with other musicians worldwide. Building an online presence and engaging with the online music community can open doors to various opportunities, such as collaborations, gigs, or even attracting the attention of industry professionals.

Explore Music History and Different Genres

Developing a deep understanding of music history and exploring various genres can greatly enrich your musical journey. By studying the works of classical composers, delving into the origins of jazz, or discovering the nuances of different cultural musical traditions, you can broaden your musical palette and gain inspiration for your own compositions. Understanding the context and evolution of music can help to shape your musical identity and make your craft more well-rounded and versatile.

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