Prepare for your next interview with Interview Warmup

Google has released a new tool to help you practice answering job interview questions called Interview Warmup. It’s designed to help you become more comfortable with the interview process, allowing you to feel more confident going into your next big interview. Let’s take a look at how it works and how it can benefit you.

How does Interview Warmup work?

You have two options for your practice session: you can either do a practice interview with five randomly-selected questions, or you can take your time and browse through all the questions available.

Interview Warmup - Example Question

To answer each question, just click “Answer” and start speaking. There’s also an option to type your answer if you don’t want to talk out loud. Don’t stress too much about your answer – just go with what feels natural, and remember you can go back and edit it later. Your response is then transcribed in real-time, giving you the chance to review and reflect on what you said. (If you’re using Chrome on iOS or Firefox, you can only participate by typing your answer.)

After each answer, you’ll then be presented with some insights. These observations can help you identify key terms and patterns in your responses. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a “grade” of your answer, or to tell you what’s right or wrong – they just help you see if you’ve covered important talking points that employers usually like to hear in real interviews.

Interview Warmup - Example Answer

Why is Interview Warmup useful?

We get it – interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. Interview Warmup provides a safe space for you to practice without the pressure of a real interview.

You’ll get valuable and instant insights into your answers, allowing you to catch any stumbling points, refine or expand your responses, and become more aware of your speaking habits. You also have the freedom to redo or edit your answers as many times as you’d like, allowing you to build confidence at your own pace.

Interview Warmup - Suggestions

While the tool uses AI to help detect insights and patterns in your answers, the questions in have all been carefully selected by real experts in various fields. This means you can prepare for the types of questions you’re likely to encounter in real life.

Importantly, your audio and transcript is never saved or shared with anyone while using Interview Warmup, so your data remains entirely confidential. If you really want to save your answers for future reference, you can download a copy of your transcript at the end of the interview.

Get started

If you’d like to give Interview Warmup a try, you can access it for free here. You can also brush up on some interview tips in our blog, or find lots of other job prep resources here.


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