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Places to Search for Jobs Online

Gone are the days when a job search started with a pen and the local newspaper. These days, most people find out about job opportunities through the internet. It’s great because it means job opportunities are more accessible than ever – but it can also be kind of overwhelming when there’s so many options out there. So if you want to search for jobs online, we’ve found some of the best places to look.


Why should I search for jobs online?


As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons is accessibility. Pretty much every employer, from multi-national corporations to your local fish and chip store, is posting job openings online. Some places might even do a combination of both (like putting a sign in the window and an ad up on Seek).

Having access to job opportunities at your fingertips makes it easier for you to find what’s out there – especially if you’re looking for work in a different city (or even country).


Where can I search for jobs online?


If you want to start your job search, here are some of the places you might like to check out.


Job boards


These sites work a bit like ads in the newspaper, but they’re all online instead. They offer a place where job seekers can search for and employers can advertise opportunities. They provide access to jobs in tons of different industries, for all skill levels, and in almost any location imaginable, all in the one place.

Some of these sites even offer “matching” services, where you upload a resume or create a profile, and are matched with employers that might suit you.

Here are some popular ones you can check out:


Company websites


If you’re keen to work for a specific company or organisation, many of them have job openings advertised on their own website. This usually applies to larger companies and organisations, such as a big business or government body (including your local council). For example, a big company like Rio Tinto has a dedicated careers section on their website. So does the SA Government.


Social media


Lots of businesses will share job openings on social media. Some social media sites, like LinkedIn, are purpose-built for careers and have a job search section. You might like to join job search groups on Facebook, or follow your dream company on Instagram to see if they post about upcoming job opportunities.


Apprenticeship Network Providers


These sites are great for people looking specifically for apprenticeships and traineeships. They also often include lots of other great advice for apprentices and trainees, and can help connect you with employers and training providers. Some examples include:


Government sites


There are also lots of government websites and services out there to help you find work, such as Workforce Australia. These sites are also great for finding out other useful information, like training options and pathways, your rights and obligations at work, and linking you to service providers who can help with your job search.


If you want to find out more about jobs and careers, take a look at the resources on our website. Or grab a copy of our Getting a Job Guide.


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