Nine podcasts with all the study tips and advice you could ever need

Looking for study tips and love listening to podcasts? You might want to check out these gurus with all the insights:

  1. Study with Jess – A youtube based podcast dedicated to helping students study smarter, not harder
  2. CDU Study Skills – The ‘I wish I’d known that” podcast with tips from uni students
  3. The Exam Study Expert – Tips for working smarter, not harder from a psychologist
  4. The Study Sessions – A podcast that offers advice and support for students looking to improve their study habits
  5. The Skills Pod – All about maths and study skills from the Uni of Chester’s Academic Skills team
  6. Chloe Made Me Study – Perfect for non-traditional students who are mature age, studying online, or just don’t fit into the normal ‘student’ box
  7. The College Info Geek Podcast – A podcast that provides practical advice for students on a variety of topics, including studying, test-taking, and productivity
  8. The Productivity Show – Tips on productivity, time management, and efficiency in all areas of your life
  9. UnstoppableTeen Podcast – With study skills, employability tips, and more

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