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Win one of five Essentials Memberships worth £450 for your school careers program

An Essentials Membership from Study Work Grow is packed with best-practice career education resources that make careers and guidance easier at your school

The NCW webinar of the week to attend...

National Careers Week is always a fabulous event, giving you the opportunity to explore new resources and highlight Career Education in your school community. 

And this Thursday’s webinar will be the one to attend. In this ‘how-to’ webinar, Rob from Study Work Grow will be showing educators through the Ponder Program, Ready to Work, and the Career Clusters. These are all programs that can make your life easier while also delivering better outcomes to your students. So why not set aside 30 mins from your Thursday morning to see if they could be right for you?

Here are the details:  Thursday 7 March at 8.30am GMT

"Where has this program been all my life?? This is fantastic!!! All schools need to include this in their Strategic Improvement Planning."

Here are the three programs we will be covering: 

The Ponder Program - 2024 Edition

Transform Career Education easily with our highly-regarded program

The Ponder Program is designed to seamlessly fit in with your curriculum, timetable, and resourcing – no matter how you like to do things. 

There are 40 weeks of lessons that help students build core career management competencies, like how to make decisions, where to look for allies, and how to understand Labour Market Information. 

Each weekly lesson can be delivered in just 5 mins by a non-careers teacher (with your supervision), or extended out to a full 40 to 60 minute Careers Lesson. All the teacher needs to do is open the PowerPoint, play the short, animated (and engaging) video, and follow our notes. 

NEW for 2024: Ready to Work Program

Give your students everything they need for that first day at work

Career Counsellors have often told us that students need to learn the preparatory steps to get their first part-time job, cadetship/traineeship, or work placement, but there’s no good structure available for teaching this.

So we created Ready to Work – a brand new program that’s free for Essentials Members. In the Teaching Guide and Student Workbook, you’ll have everything you need to teach students how to

  • Find a job (or similar work-related role)
  • Communicate effectively with employers
  • Write a resume/CV and apply for a job
  • Attend and complete an interview
  • Get started at their chosen work

It’s hours and hours of hard work, compiled for you into one step-by-step teaching framework with everything you need to get them job-ready. 

The Career Clusters

Help students understand their Vocational Identity

When we shift our focus from “which job” or “which industry”, to “Which Cluster?”, career conversations instantly become much more approachable and exciting for students. And that’s exactly what the Career Clusters Student Quiz and Resources can help you do.

By helping students find out which Cluster(s) they are in, it makes it much easier for them consider their next step beyond school. Research shows that there are common traits, tasks, and ways of working that go beyond industries or jobs.

This program includes a Teaching Guide with flexible lesson options, a Student Workbook, the online Career Cluster Quiz and results profiles, plus the Pathways Explorer and other educational tools to help you change the way you talk about careers. 

Many schools in Australia also use it as a precursor to doing the Morrisby Profile too.

Win one of five Essentials Memberships worth £450

At the end of Thursday’s webinar, we’ll be giving away five Essentials Memberships to attending careers advisors/career leaders, so as long as you’re in attendance and have invited a colleague along, you’ll have a chance to win!

WHEN: Thursday 7 March at 8.30am GMT

Every school Career Advisor or Career Leader in attendance will get 3 free month's access to incredible Communication Tools

Simply for attending, you’ll also get access to Study Work Grow’s wildly popular career education resource collection. 

With things like researched Weekly News you don’t need to prepare yourself, Student Pathways Guides to help with decisions, Job Spotlights that profile different careers, and a free Careers Website for your school, you can spend less time creating content, and more time doing what you do best. 

Job Spotlights
Careers Website
Student Guides
Weekly News

Make this National Careers Week a fantastic event with new program knowledge and high quality resources to take with you – all thanks to the Study Work Grow, a school-funded social enterprise. 

Who is Study Work Grow?

We're a student-focused, school-funded Social Enterprise

Your students aren’t just numbers to us – we want to help you engage them in their options and get them thinking (and talking) about their future.

It’s all about fostering Career-Readiness in your school community.

Our schools tell us that students (and their families) love engaging with our resources, and because we’re independent and impartial you can share them with confidence.

 Study Work Grow is:
  • Entirely funded by schools
  • A Social Enterprise
  • Student-friendly
  • Don’t sell data to third parties (ever)
  • In-house (and very friendly) support team
  • Members of the Career Development Institute 2024/25
All of the good things you need in an education provider. 

Register now for Thursday's free webinar

Study Work Grow's UK NCW Webinar will be at 8.30am GMT this Thursday, 7 March 2024, exclusively for school Career Advisors and Career Leaders.

Register now as places are limited and remember to share this with a colleague at another school to qualify for the prize draw.
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