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International Women’s Day – Women in Careers

On Wednesday 8 March we will be celebrating International Women’s Day, and as part of the festivities, we thought we’d find some resources to inspire you of women excelling in all different careers around the world. We’ve also found lots of great resources for girls and women looking to enter their dream careers.


Women in STEM


The Girls in STEM Toolkit (GiST) has tons of stories of women crushing it in STEM careers, both in Australia and around the world – for example, did you know that Australia’s Chief Scientist is currently a woman? They have heaps of free resources you can explore, including interviews, videos, posters, podcasts, and more.

You can also download this set of 8 awesome posters featuring some famous women in STEM here.


Women in Aviation


Women in Aviation Careers is a resource for young girls and women who want to know all about the different careers in aviation, and how they can get there. You can read about the different career opportunities and pathways, as well as find ways to connect with women in aviation through internships and work experience.

WAI Australia also has heaps of education and outreach resources, including their Girls in Aviation Days, and the career journeys of women in aviation in their Aviation Careers Guide.


Women in Entrepreneurship


Keen to start up your own business or enterprise? You might like to get some inspiration from women who have already done it before on the UQ Ventures site. Or you might like to check out this list of the top 17 Australian women entrepreneurs.

And if you’ve already got an idea but you don’t know what to do next, you could take a look at the Academy for Enterprising Girls, where you can access workshops and other resources.


Women in Construction


Build Something Big has some great video interviews of women working in a variety of different roles in the construction industry. You can even book to speak with some of the women directly and ask more questions.

Women Building Australia also has a National Mentoring Program for women new to the industry looking for support, encouragement and advice.


Women in Defence


In 2022, the participation rate of women in the permanent Australian Defence Force reached 20.1%, and the participation rate of women in the Defence Australian Public Service reached 46.7%, figures that keep rising every year (source).

You can read all about pathways and opportunities for women in the ADF here. Or read and listen about the history of women in defence, as well as modern stories of serving women, on the Australian War Memorial’s website here.


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